Home Remedies for Acne
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Acne is an inflammatory skin disease that can occur in any age but common in adolescence and adults. It is known as yauvanpidika or mukh dushika in ayurveda. It is common on face, cheeks, nose and necks. In this disease there blocking of the skin pores. It occurs when oils, dust, dead skins get deposited on skin area. Factors responsible for acne disease are hormonal changes, maximum oil deposition, and bacterial infections. According to ayurveda it is cause by the vitiation of vata and kapha dosha.

Acne is a skin disease which gives mental more than physical pain to the affected person that leads to development of low self-esteem, but right treatment, diet and living stress-free life is key to its cure. Infants are also prone to acne, but they are not at any risk as acne clears within a week, it occurs due to some hormonal changes at the time of birth. Acne is a skin disorder found in large numbers of teenagers, it’s an annoying condition for them marked by pimples and blackheads. Androgen hormones arouse oil deposition on face, neck, and other oil glands. Bacterial infection on skin pores aggravates acne.

  1. Causes for Acne
  2. Diet for Acne
  3. Symptoms for Acne
  4. Home Remedies for Acne

Causes of Acne

Acne is caused when there is an excess oil deposition on skin surface due to sebaceous glands. There are two types of acne, inflammatory and non-inflammatory (in the form of pimples, whiteheads, and blackheads).

Sebum production causes acne growth.

When hair follicles get infected by bacteria there is the growth of acne.

Hormonal changes in pregnant women lead to acne growth.

Obesity leads to release of excess androgenic hormones and there is a high insulin production. All this contributes to the growth of acne.

When skin pores get clogged by heavy cosmetics, moisturizers, oil-based foundations and creams, it is a good invitation for acne and other skin infections.

Use of contraceptives, chemical-based medicines worsen the skin condition and lead to the growth of acne, pimples, and boils.

An irregular menstrual cycle in females causes acne.

An irregular and poor diet intake like, eating processed food, greasy, oily, spicy, and excessive salty foods. Excessive intake of sugar and iron-rich food, cause acne.

Inadequate water intake, not eating green vegetables, tomatoes and fibrous food cause acne growth.

If your bowel movement is not normal, constipation results in acne.

Caffeine, chocolates, and soft drinks when taken in excess cause acne growth.

Alcohol, smoking habit, inactive life style, genetic and hereditary conditions, rubbing of skin, squeezing pimples are some other causes of acne.

Living a stressful and depressed life causes skin disorders, and one of which is acne.

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Acne Diet

  • Drink 8--10 glasses of water every day.
  • Fruits like carrot, oranges, vegetables like pumpkins and other fibrous vegetables, vitamin A-rich vegetables, carotene-rich food are good for acne treatment and preventions.
  • Eat unprocessed food.
  • Avoid fatty, deep fried, high sugar content food and milk products.
  • Eat vegetables and fruits rich in zinc they are very effective in acne treatments

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Acne Symptoms

  • You face white heads, a small whitish lump in the skin because of clogged sebaceous glands.
  • Black heads or comedones appear on skin, it is a black-tipped on skin surface which clogs a skin pores.
  • Pimples filled with pus, red in color when appear on skin surface.
  • You see blocked hair follicles on skin filled with pus.

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Home Remedies for Acne - Best Acne Treatments

Turmeric and neem leaves paste or turmeric and sandalwood paste are good home remedies for tacne.

Fenugreek leaves (methi leaves) paste is effective and safe best acne treatment. Apply it every night and wash the effected area with the lukewarm water, when it gets dried. This is one of the useful home remedies for acne.

Boil Tulsi (holy basil) leaves on water. Cool it and apply on effected area with cotton, it is beneficial for best acne treatment.

Lavender oil, orange peel paste, cucumber paste, Aloe Vera juice prevent acne growth. They are effective and safe home treatment.

Apply grated potatoes on affected area it gives you relief from acne pain and inflammation.

Mixture of turmeric powder and mint juice is very effective for acne infected skin area and has no side effects. This is one of the important home remedies for acne.

Strawberry leaves are also very helpful in treatment of acne.

Tomato paste when applied on acne gives you relief from inflammation and acne growth.

Apply lemon juice on acne affected area this is also a very helpful home remedy for acne..

A light touch or minor stroke of tooth paste before sleep and washing the skin with clean water in the morning will dry your pimples.

Apply garlic paste on acne affected area, as it dries the acne living no scars. This is one of the important home remedies for acne.

Develop a practice of removing makeup before going to bed, and apply minimum makeup or no makeup, as it let your skin breathe and keeps it bacteria free.

Use medicated soap like neem soap for washing the infected area.

Skin care

  • Protect the acne infected area from harmful rays of sun, do not wash your face frequently and keep your skin dry.
  • Hydrate your skin. Drink maximum water as it keeps your skin glowing and bacteria free. Water keeps body fresh and your body develops strength to fight against any diseases.
  • Use mild natural cleanser for skin cleaning as it prevents acne growth. Do not use chemical-based cleanser, as they are very harsh on skin and causes inflammation and skin rupturing.

Exercise keeps your skin healthy, glowing, and bacteria free.

Regular exercise is helpful in maintaining good body weight. Exercise keeps you mentally and physically fit. Everyday do some yogic exercises and meditation, as it detoxifies your skin keeping it clean and healthy.

Stay happy and healthy as every disease has its cure, you only need proper guidance.

Above mentioned tips will surely help you in treating acne. Avoid chemical-based treatments from dermatologists and expensive drugs for treating acne. Go for natural and safe treatments, as it is effective with no side effects. Happy living!!!!!!!!!

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you are doing such a great job.
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I want to fair and glowing skin but day by day I have many problems of my skin like my skin is dark and i had many pimles in my skin .So please suggest me some home remedies.
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I tried some of these home remidies and they really work!!! =] Thank you [=
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i have acne on my forehead every now and then and it stresses me out alot. even though when i do break out it is 3 to 4 pimples but still it is unattractive. im 16 and needs tips, please. help school starts in 10 days.
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i hve pores on my skin plzz tell me remedies plzzzzzz
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i hve pores on my skin plzz tell me remedies as soon as posibl cuz my marige is on 1 nov n i wn my skin clean n clear plzzzzz help me
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i really shocked after using such a great home treatment like garlic paste.it really works.thankx
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I will have to try one or more of these. Thanks.
#15 - kathleen morss - 01/23/2012 - 09:27
There are, however, some other home remedies which will suffice as short-term measures to deal with the external problems. One of these is white vinegar. Available freely in any supermarket and a product in many kitchens, it can be used as a facial application. After washing your face with mild soap, apply the vinegar using a cotton ball and leave it to sit for ten minutes before rinsing it off. If you have sensitive skin, water it down if you have concerns. Also I found this great book that has lot more home remedies one can try out. Here is the website for that: http://killyouracne.athomebizdepot.com/killyouracne. Take a look…
#16 - am - 06/08/2012 - 07:45
use rose water with multani mitti daily before going to bed it will reduce acne
#17 - vasu - 03/14/2016 - 06:01
I tried all kinds of creams and medicines for my problem of Acne, but nothing worked. For more than a year, I had these terrible, painful boils all over the face. It was so embarr[@]ing! In just two months of Ayurvedic treatment with Arogyam Pure Herbs, all my boils disappeared and I am feeling much more confident now. Their diet advice also helped me improve my overall health to a great extent.Thanks to Dr Vipul Sharma
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