10 Homemade Pregnancy Test

Homemade Pregnancy TestPregnancy testing is all about checking the presence of a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), which increases exponentially in women body during pregnancy. Henceforth either you go for modern pregnancy tests or homemade pregnancy tests, level of HCG is checked in both the cases to confirm the pregnancy.  Some home based substances noticeably change the color while comes in contact with that hormone.

However, one should go for these tests after noticing pregnancy symptoms. However, there is always a doubt on their accuracy and reliability. Pregnancy hormone HCG is released in a woman after conception and circulates in the whole body and can be tested through either Blood or Urine. Homemade pregnancy tests are urine based.

Top 10 Old Wives Homemade Pregnancy Tests

Tylenol Test

Take Tylenol, crushed it. Add Hydrogen peroxide to it, not the other way around. Pee in a bowl and add few drops of mixture, if colour changes to blue then its positive, otherwise its negative.

Dandelion Test

Dandelion TestTake Dandelion leaves and urinate on them, make sure dandelion leaves are completely soaked. Check for the development of reddish blisters. Formation of such blisters indicates that you might be a pregnant.

Pine Solution Test

Mix your urine sample with Pine solution; any kind of change in colour indicates pregnancy.

Bleach Test

Bleach TestAdd urine sample in a cup of bleach, if it fizzes up and fizzy really stay for a long while, there may be a chances of pregnancy.

Wheat And Barley Test

Wheat And Barley TestEgyptians used to use wheat and barley to test the pregnancy and detect the gender of an unborn baby. Urinate on wheat and barley seeds and monitor the growth of seeds. If wheat seeds grow than the baby would be a girl and if barley seeds grow than the baby would be boy. If there is no growth than woman is not pregnant because seeds grow due to the amount of estrogen present in a pregnant woman’s urine.

ToothpasToothpaste TestTake white toothpaste in a bowl and add urine, if it turns to a different colour than there is a chance of pregnancy.

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Wine Test

Mix the urine with wine, a clear lemony colour or clear urine indicate pregnancy.

Crystal Test

Crystal TestSwing a crystal over the belly of the woman, if the crystal centered over the naval, woman is with child.

Drano Test

Mix equal parts of fresh urine sample with crystal Drano in a glass jar by pour the urine over the Drano. Green, brown, black or blue indicate a boy; a girl prediction is based on the Drano Urine mixture producing red, yellow or no change. Drano test may be harmful to a pregnant woman; fumes from this cleansing product are intense and toxic to inhale, causing potential harm to mother and child. Extra care should be taken while performing the test.

Red Cabbage Test

Red Cabbage TestRed cabbage is a pretty accurate test of pH. It is used for knowing the gender of the unborn child. Take red cabbage, add water and boil it for 10 minutes.

Take it off heat. Mix the cabbage juice with equal amount of fresh urine sample. A purple colour indicates a girl result and pink colour indicates a boy result. The idea is that if you are carrying a boy it will affect the pH of your pee. If you are carrying a girl, then it will not affect pH since you are already a girl.

The reliability and accuracy of these tests are always in question. For the fun and experiments these tests are ok. It is advisable even if you get a positive result from a pregnancy test made at home, do seek a professional advice or last least confirm with store bought test.

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