Homemade Hair Packs For Healthy Hair

Hair protects us from the cold and intense heat and in the process often gets dry and damaged. Hair plays an integral role in enhancing the beauty of mankind. Therefore, a woman cannot imagine her head without thick and lustrous hair. People who possess healthy and shiny hair are somewhat lucky. One can preserve the beauty of his/her hair or can get the bouncy locks once again by taking adequate care.

If you are looking for some help to improve the texture and health of your tresses then hair packs can be of great help to you. You can purchase various readymade hair packs from the market but before doing this you must take into account that these hair packs may contain harsh ingredients that may cause damage to your hair or may not suit your hair. Another reason why most people do not prefer the hair packs that are offered in the market is that most of them are very expensive and hence their regular use may be taxing on the pockets of several users.

People who want to use natural ingredients and also save money can prefer making hair packs at home. It is easier to prepare hair packs at home because you can decide what combination and what ingredients you should use in their preparation. You can make use of the resources that are already available in your home, especially in your kitchen.

Given below are some useful and proven homemade hair packs for healthy hair. You can go through them and find out the best hair pack for your hair type. These are natural hair packs that can be prepared easily at home.

Hair Packs for Dry Hair

Hair Pack-1:

Eggs are very nutritious for the overall health as well as the hair health. It nourishes hair and brings back those bouncy tresses within a few days of its application.  The ingredients required for the preparation of this hair pack include a cup of yogurt, 1 egg and a lemon. Break open an egg and mix it properly in a cup of yogurt. When this mixture is ready, squeeze a lemon and mix all the ingredients thoroughly. Now this hair pack is ready for application. You can apply this homemade hair pack thoroughly on your hair and leave it for about 35 to 45 minutes and then wash it off with normal or cold water properly. This hair pack is the absolute solution for shiny and healthy hair. It also gets rid of itchy scalp and helps in treating dandruff problem.

Hair Pack-2:

Ripe banana is another effective ingredient that can be used for the preparation of hair packs, especially for treating dry hair. If you have extremely dry hair or your hair has been chemically damaged then banana hair pack can be very effective in treating these conditions. Almond oil is also used in making of this hair pack as it is very nourishing and revitalizing for hair health. You simply need 1 ripe banana and a few drops of almond oil to prepare this homemade hair pack. After mashing the ripe banana, you just have to add the almond oil and mix the pack properly.

If you wish, you can also use a small piece of avocado in the preparation of this hair pack. You can now apply this hair pack on your dry and dull hair and cover your hair with a shower cap for nearly 1 hour. After this you should wash your hair thoroughly with cold water and then use mild shampoo followed by a moisturizing conditioner. This hair pack can prove to be an effective solution for extremely dry hair.

Hair Pack-3:

Ripe bananas can also be used to prepare another effective hair pack. This hair pack is especially useful for people, who get very less time for using hair pack. Ingredients required for preparing this hair pack include 2 ripe bananas and half cup yogurt, preferably beaten curd. Mash the bananas well and then add the beaten yogurt. Mix these two ingredients completely and then apply this hair pack to your hair and tie them together lightly. Leave this hair pack on to your hair for at least 15 minutes and then wash it off as mentioned above. This banana hair pack is a superb remedy for treating dry hair and for improving the texture of hair.

Hair Pack-4:

You can also prepare a hair pack for healthy hair from lemon juice, wheat germ oil and sour cream. This will be very beneficial in strengthening your hair roots and boosting your hair health. Ingredients needed for the preparation of this excellent hair pack at home include juice of two lemons, one fourth cup each of sour cream and wheat germ oil. You need to mix these ingredients thoroughly and then apply on your dry hair. It is better to apply this pack from the hair root reaching to the hair tips. Leave this natural pack on your hair for at least half an hour and then wash your hair using tepid water. Use mild shampoo for washing and then do not forget to condition your hair at the end. You will notice appreciable change in the texture of your dry and frizzy hair.

Hair Packs for Oily Hair

Hair Pack- 5:

Oily hair also needs hair packs to maintain its natural glow and health. A popular homemade hair pack for oily hair includes the pack made from fenugreek seeds and yogurt. Take a bowl of yogurt and mix fenugreek in it. Let it remain soaked overnight. In the morning, you can grind them and make a paste. Apply this past made of yogurt and fenugreek on your hair and then wash it off with cold water. You can either wash your hair with a mild shampoo or with shikakai powder that has been mixed in water.

Tips for Healthy Hair

You can keep your hair healthy by taking a well balanced diet, drinking plenty of water, avoiding overexposure to sun, and by using a hair mask every ten days. You can select a hair mask that suits your hair’s needs and keep them healthy and lustrous.

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