Homemade Hair Packs For Dry And Damaged Hair

We have fallen prey to various hair care products and we depend on those a lot to protect our hair. Well, it is not entirely our fault that we depend on such products too much.

Almost everybody in today’s era wants to see instant results. Various hair care products do show instant results and hence we start depending on those. But in the long run these hair care products stop showing their effects. Natural hair care products are quite slow in terms of showing results, but those are certainly effective and better in the long run.

A number of salons and spas offer various hair care treatments and therapies. Certain natural substances work just as well for the hair and are very cost effective also. So it is your choice to choose between salon treatments or natural remedies.

Egg is an age old remedy to repair dry and damaged hair. You can simple break open an egg and apply it onto your hair for excellent results. You can also team up honey, egg and olive oil and apply in onto your hair and leave it on for at least half an hour for amazing results.

Certain dairy products also work really well for getting shiny and soft tresses. Yogurt and mayonnaise can be used for bringing back the shine in hair. You can take a generous amount of yogurt or mayonnaise and apply it on your scalp and hair evenly and leave it on for about half an hour for best results.

Certain fruits also make very good hair packs. Avocados are known to be amazing for health and hair as well. You can simple mash avocados with honey and olive oil and apply in on the entire length of your hair. You can also replace avocados with bananas which also works equally well for dry and damaged hair.

A pack made of ripe papaya combined with honey and olive oil also works well for repairing dry and damaged hair. Fenugreek seeds are also very good for hair. You can soak fenugreek seeds overnight and grind it in the morning with honey and olive oil and apply it on your hair. You can also try replacing olive oil with almond oil or coconut oil in all the above mentioned packs.

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