Beaded Bookmark
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Beaded bookmark craft is an easy and fun activity for teenagers. You can flaunt these glittery bookmarks in your books or give them as casual gifts to your friends. These beaded bookmarks also make a lovely gift for mothers and teachers day.

Here are a few beaded bookmark craft ideas.

Hemp Cord Beaded Bookmarks

You’ll need 18” long hemp cord, assorted beads with big holes for stringing the hemp cord and a ruler.

Tie a knot about 3” from one end of the cord. Bead the cord end for about 1 1\2” with assorted beads and then tie another knot to secure them. Measure 10” from the inner knot and tie another knot at that place. Bead the other end of the cord for 2 to 3” from this knot and then secure them with another knot. Now trim the cord about 1\4” away from the end knots on both the sides. The beaded ends will hand outside the book while the 10” cord will remain inside the book.

Fringed Bookmarks

You’ll need a satin ribbon, 5 silver beads, 20 silver seed beads, 95 rocaille beads, ruler, beading needle threaded with a white thread.

Step 1: Take a 17”x 3\8” double-faced ribbon and tie a knot on one end. Secure the ribbon knot with the beading needle and string 19 rocaille and 4 silver seed beads through it.

Step 2: Take the needle back through the rocaille beads so that the silver seed beads form a loop at the end. Go back through the ribbon knot and pull the thread so the fringe hangs below the knot.

Step 3: Repeat this process so as to make five such loops and secure the end of the thread in the knot.

Step 4: Slide a silver bead from the other end of the ribbon to cover the knot holding the fringe and tie a knot against the bead to hold it in place.

Step 5: Measure 10” from the innermost knot and tie another knot. Slide 2 or 3 silver beads inside the ribbon and tie a knot to secure them. This will make the other end of the bookmark.

Step 6: Trim both the ends of the ribbon near the knots to make the bookmark neat.

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