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So let’s face it! Many of us have had situations where we had to wring our nose so tightly and pucker our faces to make a colleague or a roommate understand about that offensive odour that emanates from their body… Try as you might they go on and on with their body odours making lives around them difficult. Have you realised that probably you too could have it and all without your knowledge? Yes, unfortunately many who have body odour do not understand it unless someone mentions it point blank.

Have you had circumstances where body odour kills you and have had times when others’ body odour kills you? Here are some ways to bust hyperhydrosis and help others remove it too.

Take a shower or bathe twice a day

Ensure that you take bath twice daily to keep away from bacteria getting accumulated in your body. While taking bath you can use a few drops of lemon in the water to keep you smelling fresh all day. Adding rose water or tea tree oil will have the same effect. All these are natural deodorisers and help you stay fresh throughout the day. While you take bath, ensure that you scrub clean your armpits, neck, genital areas and face thoroughly as these are the areas that sweat more. During the colder months when you sweat less or at all, taking bath once is sufficient.  Sweat is the main cause of body odour and hence washing off sweat from your body every day will ensure that bacteria do not get a medium for multiplication.

Watch your diet

What you eat has a direct influence to your body odour. Spicy food, junk food, canned food, fried food, all have a direct influence on how you smell. Bad and unhealthy food will affect your digestion and you will start emanating the smell of the bad digestion process within the body. Avoid junk, spicy and processed food to keep away from hyperhidrosis.

Change clothes/ undergarments everyday

At least some of you might have the repulsive habit of using your clothes and undergarments several days before you send them for washing. It’s little wonder that you smell like a fish. Changing clothes every day, at least undergarments every day will ensure that bacteria do not get accumulated, creating unpleasant odour.

Use cotton clothes

If you are susceptible to excessive sweating, stick to cotton clothes that can absorb sweat and keep your skin dry. Clothes and under garments made of nylon and other synthetic materials will not only increase heat and sweat, but also prevent air circulation making way for moisture retention and bacterial action causing more body odour.  Stick to good absorbent materials at least during the summer months when you sweat more. You should also be careful while choosing the colours for your clothes. Avoid dark colours that can absorb heat to prevent more sweating. Stick to the lighter shades.

Wash your clothes thoroughly

Many people who have hyperhydrosis fail to wash their clothes properly, leaving half of the sweat and smell behind. When you wear these clothes and sweat again, you will have more body odour to deal with. Make sure that the clothes are washed properly with detergents that can remove the smell and sweat completely. One must especially take care to wash the areas of the clothes like the underarms, collars, and the crotch of your pants properly to remove the smell of sweat.

Flush your system, drink water

Drinking water helps to flush out the toxins in your body that could be causing body odour. Make sure that you drink at least eight litres of water every day and more during the summer months in order to combat the loss of water through sweat. Drinking water will make sure that you remove the toxins out through urine and not through your sweat. Wheat grass which is rich is chlorophyll can also be consumed with water. Lemon, tomatoes and vinegar too can reduce body odour and should be taken in large quantities to reduce body odour.

Avoid deodorants, soaps and perfumes

This may seem a strange suggestion. But if you are the kind to sweat excessively and you have body odour that you are trying to mask through the use of deodorants, you could be killing others with even more pungent smells. Deodorants react with your sweat and make way for more strong smelling odours that could be more offensive than you think. If you sweat excessively, use antiperspirants which will reduce sweat and prevent body odour. Make sure that you do a patch test before using them. They could cause allergies. Soaps too can cause more smell if you have body odour. Avoid using strong smelling soaps in areas where it sweat more and see the difference…

Smoking and Alcohol

People who smoke and drink have a distinctive odour around them, be it in their mouth or in their sweat and even clothes. As alcohol is acidic, it can increase body odour. Avoid smoking and drinking to keep fresh smelling and also to make sure that you stay healthy and hearty.

Wearing others’ clothes

When you wear other’ clothes, you will have the body odour of those people stuck on your body too when you sweat. We never know whether a person is washing his/her clothes properly. Wearing others’ clothes must be avoided due to hygienic reasons and also due to the fact that many skin diseases can be transferred through the clothes and sweat.

Treat disorders

Excessive sweating may not be due to the heat and summer season. It can be due to problems in your body that requires treatment and medication. For example people who have thyroid disorders can sweat excessively due faulty metabolism. Hormone changes in the body too can increase sweating. Diabetes, preponderance, inflammations etc. are a few causes due to which you can sweat excessively and fall prey to body odour. It is important to treat these problems rather than trying to stop sweating through the use of antiperspirants and deodorants. Consult your doctor if you cannot stop sweating even after employing the many techniques mentioned above.

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