Home Remedies For Dental Abscess

Home Remedies for Dental Abscess

Dental abscess is a condition in which gums or teeth get filled by pus. A person can suffer extreme pain due to dental abscess and hence, its treatment becomes inevitable. Though seeing a dentist is advisable, a person can try some home remedies to get rid of symptoms. A person can place a raw potato or a dry black teabag against the infected tooth or gum carefully. Potato or teabag can be left for two to three hours or even overnight. This remedy helps in draining out pus from the infected tooth or gum. This results in diminishing pain and swelling. By applying this home remedy for three to four days, a person can get rid of pain completely.

Another home remedy for dental abscess involves salt and baking soda. A person can take these substances for making a gum packing or a poultice. These two substances can be mixed well and wet cotton can be dipped into the preparation.


This cotton must be placed between the cheeks and the infected tooth or gum. Cotton has to be kept for several hours. This remedy helps in draining the pus out of infected area. When tried two to three times for three-four days, this remedy can help in draining out entire pus. As a result, a person gets relieved from pain and swelling. This remedy can also used for draining out gum boil.

For disinfecting the swollen and pus filled area, a person can use hydrogen peroxide 1.5% or tea tree oil in water. These can be used as a mouthwash. This helps in preventing the pus from spreading. If the pus begins to get discharged from the infected gum or tooth, a person should dip cotton in hydrogen peroxide and place the same on the opened and discharging abscess. This helps in reducing the pain and inflammation.

Tea tree oil

Before placing the cotton, a person should try to push the infected area against the cheek so that maximum amount of pus is drained out. Pressing of cheeks should be done in a gentle manner.

A person can also use Hydrastis Canadensis or Golden Seal for treating abscessed teeth. Its yellow root or tincture can be applied on the infected area two to three times a day. This also helps in draining out pus. If above remedies do not work, dentist must be consulted immediately.

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