Ficus Bengalensis
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Botanical Classification

















Botanical –moraceae

Ayurvedic – vatt kul

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Other Names

  • English name – banyan
  • Hindi name – badd
  • Sanskrit name – vatt
  • Gujarati name – vadd

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It is found throughout India.

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It is huge tree, having branches spread all over. Bark is thick, white and brown in color. Leaves are thick, ovate in shape 4 to 6 inch long and broad. The leaves have 3 to 5 veins on it starting from the base. Fruit is round having a diameter of ½ to ¾ inch. It attains red color when it ripes. The fruit i.e. hypanthodium contains small-small flowers. The new leaves arise in May to June and fruits whole year.

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Chemical Constituents


Bark and the axillary bud contain 10 % tannins. Besides this it contains certain alkaloids and mineral and certain vitamins.

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It is kapha and pitta suppressant. It helps in wound healing and suppresses inflammation. It acts as a good pain reliever. It also improves vision of eyes. It helps in easy absorption and improves blood circulation in the body. It helps in purifying blood. It tones up the excretory system. It is an aphrodisiac agent. It also helps in treating skin related problems and also in reducing the burning sensation.

According to ayurveda it contains

  • Gunna (properties) – guru (heavy) and ruksh (dry)
  • Rasa (taste) – kashaya (astringent)
  • Virya (potency) – sheet (cold)

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It has no toxic effect on human consumption

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Plant part used


Bark, milk, leaves, bud and fruit

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  1. Pain
  2. Inflammation
  3. Wound
  4. Blood impurity
  5. Impotence
  6. Decreased sperm count
  7. Urine related problems
  8. Burning sensation
  9. Fever

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  1. Milk and paste – it is used in washing wounds, it is also used in application on the skin related ailments. It also used is pain reliever in joint pains, toothache, lymphadenopathy, and arthritis.
  • Powder – it is used in maintaining the proper digestion in the body. It prevents nausea, indigestion, diarrhea, dysentery and fissure. It is used in improving the skin texture and also fairs the skin. It is very effective in leucorrhea and other female health related problems. It works as aphrodisiac agent. It also very effective in urine related problems and also in diabetes. it reduces the burning sensation in the body.

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