Herbal Remedies For Staph Infection

Staph InfectionA staph infection is caused when the strain of the staph bacteria enters the body through a cut on the skin or through any of the mucus membranes like the eyes, mouth and nose. In patients or people who have weakened immune system, this infection can spread rapidly. The staph infection is so contagious that it can spread through common surfaces like doorknobs, grocery carts, etc. when you have a wound that is draining, there is even more risk to contract this infection.

A common symptom of the staph infection can be a lump which resembles a bug bite, swelling or redness in the affected area, fever, chills and sweats can also characterise a staph infection. If this infection reaches your bloodstream, they can prove to be fatal. To treat them, there are a few herbal remedies for staph infection.

Best Herbal Remedies For Staph Infection

Tea Tree Oil

The transmission of the staph bacteria can be contained with the help of this useful oil, which is a potent herbal remedy. When a patient has a cut, the area should be washed with soap and water and then this herbal oil should be applied on the affected part.

Tea Tree Oil

Ideally the cut should be covered to keep the area clean and dry. Any further bacteria will also be prohibited from entering the body. Tea tree oil can also be added to the salt water gargling solution and taken orally, if the infection is oral.

Herbal Bath

The oils of many herbs have the required anti-biotic properties which can resist the staph infection. Ingredients like Manuka, Ravensare, Kanuka, Eucalyptus, Cinnamon leaves, Leleshwa, Niaouli, Cajeput, Thuja and Vetivert are useful in combating this infection, if a bath or soak is made combining the oils of all these natural ingredients. The anti-biotic and anti-inflammatory properties of most of these ingredients are known to be useful in reducing the spread of any kind of infection, especially staph.


A kind of lichen, Usnea, also known as old man’s beard because of its appearance, is another of the herbal remedies for staph infection. This plant grows mostly in wet climates and is also known as an immune system tonic.


It is especially useful in treating staph infections as it is blessed with anti-biotic properties. This herb can do wonders when used as a tincture, which can be easily prepared at home or bought from the market. The freshly harvested Usnea is better for these derivations.

Golden Seal

This herb has been long hailed as the most popular infection fighting herb. This herb contains two alkaloids, berberine and hydrastine. It is also highly effective in the treatment of staph infections, and can also be used for other mucus infections.


This herb is more effective when consumed temporarily for acute infections like the staph infection. But a long term use of this herb can also result in fatigue and restlessness. Some times the excessive dosage can also harm the friendly bacteria in the colon.

Other Herbs

Some other herbs like, dandelion root, grapefruit seed extract, chaparral, Oregon grape are also considered for their anti-biotic properties and can be used in the treatment of the staph infection. Chaparral, a desert plant from the southwest has been used along with the other herbs in treating many ailments. This herb is also known as Larrea tridentate.

dandelion root

Dandelion root has also been found effective, but only in lab settings. All these herbs can either be used singularly or in combination with one another as herbal remedies for staph infection. Other then these herbs, there can be other herbal remedies to treat a staph infection. Herbs like Echinacea, garlic, oils of lavender, bergamot, and thyme can also be used to treat this condition.