Healthy Foods To Relieve Stress

Stress and tensions have become a part of every individual’s life because of the fast paced and busy lifestyle. Most of us leave stress unattended and then regret later after acquiring heart related ailments, blood pressure etc.  It is very important to stay calm and composed at all times to get rid of stress.

Various forms of yoga, meditation techniques etc. work really well for relieving from stress. A good work out routine and a sound sleep are very vital for getting rid of stress related problems. Apart from these factors a good and healthy diet also plays its part in relieving from stress.

There is no diet to get rid of stress as such. But a healthy and well balanced diet containing all the necessary nutrients certainly help keep stress at bay. Foods rich in fibers and complex carbohydrates helps keep your digestive system healthy and hence plays its part in keeping stress away. It is best to keep away from white and starchy foods as such foods do not possess any nutritional content and are difficult to digest as well. Wholegrain foods and brown foods are very healthy and keeps your stress levels down.

Bad fats like trans fats, saturated fats etc. are very bad for health and might cause stress as well. But it is very important to include good fats like omega-3 fatty acids to your diet as these fats are known to increase the levels of the feel good hormone known as serotonin. Likewise adequate amount of lean meat, eggs, etc. are a must in your diet. Thees are rich in proteins and proteins are necessary for healthy body and mind.

Excessive caffeine and alcohol can also trigger stress and worsen your health condition. Choose to have a few cups of herbal tea or green tea instead of caffeine containing beverages. These are known to relive stress instantly and also soothes your mind and body. Certain studies have revealed that an ounce of dark chocolate and red wine few times a week acts as amazing stress busters. So ensure that you eat healthy and lead a healthy lifestyle to relive stress.

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