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Worms : Overview Of Disease Causing Worms

Not all the worms are dangerous but some of them can infect human beings. Some worms cause allergic diseases and asthma can be developed in some situation. If a person does not possess strong immunity system, these harmful worms can infect him easily. Worm infections can be of different types and generally these infections do not bring any serious illness. However, if these infections are not treated with care, one may have to face some dangerous consequences in near future.

Causes of Worm Infection:

 Though worms can infect any person from any age group, they generally attack children. As children, do not possess strong immunity system; they are more vulnerable to these infections. If a person doesn’t lead a hygienic lifestyle, there is a great chance that these worms can infect him. Worms can be transmitted from one person to another person via skin contact. This is one of the prominent causes of this disease. One should clean his hands properly after using the toilet; otherwise, these worms can infect him. The feces of dogs and cats can spread worm infections. If a person does not wash his hands after touching his pets, some harmful worms can infect him. These are some of the common causes of worm infections.

Symptoms of Worm Infection:

 The symptoms of worm infections may vary person to person. Apart from that, with the changes of infection type, the symptoms may also change. Itchiness in the affected parts is a common symptom of worm infection. The feeling of itchiness generally increases at night. Scarring and inflammation of retina is another potent sign of worm infection. Retina is infected when some harmful worms attack eyes and this can lead to visual problems. In some complex cases, some vital organs of the body can be infected. If lungs are affected, one can suffer from asthma or cough. Some body organs can be swelled if they are infected.

Types of Worms:

 Threadworm, which is also known as pinworm, usually affects children. One can experience itchiness in the affected parts. Affected personals generally recuperate from the infection of this worm with out facing any serious health problem. Toxocara is a common worm, which is transmitted by domestic animals. This worm usually attacks the eyes. Inflammation of eyes and blurred vision may occur if a person is infected by this worm. If a person is exposed to the feces of dogs and cats, he can be infected by toxocara. Pregnant woman and children are more susceptible to be attacked by this worm.

Tapeworm or flatworm, which bears the shape of a ribbon, is another important worm that can infect human beings very easily. Undercooked fish and meat are the potent carries of tapeworms. Therefore, one should cook fish and meat properly at a certain degree of temperature so that he can stay away from its attack. Usually an infected person bears a single tapeworm in his body but in some cases, an affected person may carry more than one tapeworm. Pets are another potent carries of tapeworm.

Ancylostomiasis, hydatid disease, Schistosomiasis etc are some of the common diseases that can be caused by some other worms such as hookworm. People who are residing in the tropical regions are more venerable to these kinds of infections. Sometimes, affected person may suffer from disability for a long span of time.

Treatment of Worm Infection:

 If a person is affected by the infection of threadworm, anti-parasitic drugs can generate desired results. A single dose of anti-parasitic drug can bring desired result. All the members of the affected person’s family should be treated at the same time for generating better result. A blood test must be conducted if a person is infected from the infection of Toxocara worms. Sometimes, special treatment may be needed to recuperate from this infection as soon as possible. One should lead a hygienic life style for staying away from the possible threats of this kind of infection. Children must wash their hands properly after playing with their pets so that he must not infected by some harmful worms. Some vaccines have been developed that can help a person to fight against some worms.

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