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Know More About Vomiting

 Vomiting is the symptom of several other diseases that can become fatal for the health of a person. Vomiting refers to the forceful puking of the content of stomach through ones mouth. The term forcefully is very significant to differentiate it from posseting. The feeling that a person experiences before vomiting is termed as nausea. This feeling is not always followed by vomiting. Vomiting is generally caused by travel sickness, gastroenteritis, dietary intolerance and feeding problems. Vomiting can be indication of severe problems like kidney failure, pyloric stenosis and coeliac diseases. It can also be an indication of migraine. The term regurgitation is often used in place of vomiting though there causes are not similar. There were different studies made regarding the sound of vomiting. It was identified there can be thirty odd sounds people can make while vomiting. It is considered as world’s worst sound.

Symptoms of Vomiting

 Vomiting is a common problem in all ages. It is generally not a disease but can be considered as the symptom of other fatal diseases. It is not a very serious medical problem but excessive vomiting in some cases can become fatal. Vomiting mainly occurs for digesting problems. Vomits that are colored with green or yellow gall are caused due to intestinal problems. A person’s vomit might have stains of blood that indicates a very serious problem. It indicates that injuries have been caused in the stomach and gullet linings. Forceful vomiting for few weeks is often a symptom of the disease pyloric stenosis.

Treatment for Vomiting

 A person can vomit due to several reasons. The cause of the vomiting should be identified properly before starting any treatment. A person should be supported gently and he should drink water in small quantity to avoid dehydration. If the conditions become severe then the physicians would prescribe intravenous fluids and anti-vomiting or anti-emetic drugs. If vomiting persists and is accompanied with abdominal pain, diarrhea, rash, fever and drowsiness then a person should consult a doctor. A man should also take medical aid if dehydration and urine problems take place with vomiting.

Vomiting Causes

A person can vomit for several reasons. These forceful ejections are generally caused if a person is having digesting problems. It can be caused for poisoning to brain tumors, gastritis and increased intracranial pressure. The babies and toddlers might vomit if they have infections in any part of their body.

Context of Vomiting

People consider vomiting extremely embarrassing and so they rush to sink or toilet. It is also safe as cleaning of vomiting is very difficult. Special kinds of bags are supplied on ships and airplane in which a passenger can vomit. This bag is easily disposable and contains a material that absorbs the vomit. This material also helps to solidify the vomit making it odorless, puncture-resistant and leak proof till it is disposed. There are people who have vomiting as a chronic problem and try to hide it from people.

Vomit Phobia

Phobia is the nervousness that causes several types of disorders. These disorders are often characterized by extreme unreasonable fear for social gatherings or for any simple issue. The International Emetophobia Society identified emetophobia popularly known as vomit phobia as the sixth most common form of phobia. This phobia can be accompanied by other phobias like agoraphobia and irregular bowel syndrome. An ematophobic person would avoid eating in social occasions like parties and gatherings. If they have to eat then they would eat in negligible quantity. This is also one of the reasons for considering to be suffering from anorexia. Vomit phobia can be increased if a person who is suffering from this notices any other to vomit. Some of the people suffering from emetophobia are capable to resist themselves from vomiting. This is known as vomit continence. These people try to suppress the feelings of nausea till they are completely relieved from the feeling.

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