Vision Problems
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Basic Facts About Vision Problems

The term vision denotes the ability of sight. Vision problems or eye problems can be of several types like floaters, blind spots, halos and blurred vision. The visual field of a person can become sightless if a dark hole is formed in it. This type of problem is known as blind spots or scotomas. Sometimes, a person loss the sharpness of his sight and become incapable to notice minute details. This type of disturbances in vision is termed as blurred vision. Blindness is considered as the most severe type of vision problem and a man looses his sight completely. A person having any type of disturbances in their sight should consult an eye specialist. These problems might occur due to eye injuries, aging or any kind of eye disease. This might also occur if a person is affected by diabetes.

 Causes of Vision Problem

Several causes are responsible for the vision problem of a person. In many cases, it is related to the health problem of a person. Apart from this, there are some common causes for vision problems. Presbyopia is one of the major causes of this type of problem. It is generally witnessed in older people. It is a condition in which a person faces trouble to focus the objects that are placed close to them. Cataract is a disease of eye that forms cloudiness over the lens of eye. A person having cataract faces problem to see at night, becomes highly sensitive to any type of glare and perceive the sight of halos around the light.

Glaucoma is also an eye disease that causes vision problems. A person suffering from glaucoma has the pressure of the eye increased which leads to poor vision at night and blind spots. It is one of the major problems that can cause blindness. This disease can occur slowly or suddenly. Some diabetic problems can cause the bleeding in the retina of one’s eyes. This is known as diabetic retinopathy and most of the time leads to blindness. One of the causes of blindness in aged people is macular degeneration. In this, type of disease a person loses the primary vision. He experiences distorted and blurred vision. The colors appear as faded. Floaters sometimes are the indication of retinal detachment.

Floater is the eye condition in which minute particles moves in the eye. This type of problem is generally for short duration and do not cause any serious injury. Optic neuritis is the swelling of the optic nerve due to multiple sclerosis or infection. A person might feel pain while doing any movement of the eye or is trying to feel it through eyelids. Temporal arteritis is the swelling in any of the artery of the brain which is responsible for supplying blood to the optic nerves. Other common problems that lead to eye problems are excessive medications, extreme exposure to the outdoors and fatigue. Medicines for tuberculosis, malaria high blood pressure causes vision problems.

Types of vision Problems

 There are mainly two types of problem relating to vision. One is called shortsightedness and other is known as long-sightedness. Shortsightedness is also called myopia. A person becomes shortsighted when the eyeballs become excessively long compared to cornea’s power of focusing. In this case, the person is unable to see the objects that are at a distant. This generally affects the teenagers and children. Concave lens can be used to cure this disease.

In case of long-sightedness or hypermetropia, the eyeball become excessively short compared to the lens’ and cornea’s focusing power. A person is often unable to see the objects placed near him. They often face problem while reading. This type of problem though is commonly seen in children can occur at any age. The problem of long-sightedness can be cured with the use of convex lens.

Advice Regarding Vision Problems

It is advised to have eye-check-up at regular intervals. A person should consult an eye specialist if he has any disturbances in his eyes.

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