Urine Retention
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Urine retention

“Urinary Retention” is disease in which a person faces some difficulties at the time of urination. If a person is affected by this disease, he can feel a strong urge for urination but he can’t pass that urine despite using all his efforts. This can generate acute pain. Enlargement of prostate is thought to be main reason of this disease. Urine Retention can be divided into two groups: one is Chronic Urine Retention and another is Acute Urine Retention. If a person is suffering from chronic Urine retention, he can pass small amount of urine. But in acute Urine retention, one can’t pass small amount of urine and this can generate acute pain.

Causes of urine retention:

If the natural flow of urine is interrupted, it can lead to this disease. The normal flow of urine from the bladder can be disrupted by anything. Sometimes, the side effects of some medications can lead to this disease. If a person is suffering from nervous disorder or diabetes, there is a great chance that he can be infected by this disease. If the nerves that control bladder are hampered or begun to act up, it can lead to this disease. The sudden expansion of prostate gland can lead to this disease as well. This is reckoned as the commonest cause of Urine Retention in men. The expansion of prostate gland can put pressure on the urethra and this can hamper the normal flow of urine from the bladder. If in any situation, the passage of urethra becomes narrow, it can trigger the cause of “Urine Retention”.

Playful use of amphetamines can also cause this disease. One should not narcotics because this can increase the risk of being affected by this disease. Congenital abnormalities in urtheral valve and prostate cancer can increase the risk of being affected by Urine retention. Some psychoactive drugs can also increase the risk of this disease.

Symptoms of urine retention:

When a person is suffering from acute urine retention, he can experience acute pain in lower abdominal position. One will feel a strong urge to urinate but he can’t do. These are some of the prominent symptoms of this disease. In this type, the symptoms can develop very fast. One can experience physical discomfort and swelling in abdominal if he is suffering from chronic urine retention. Weak flow of urine is one of the important signs of this disease. Excessive urination at night and stretching of bladder are two most conspicuous signs of this disease. If in any situation, the water bounces back in ureters, it can hamper the kidneys. In some complex cases, kidneys stops functioning properly which can lead to many other problems. If this disease is not treated properly, in the long run one might have to face some serious repercussions. One can suffer from Diverticula, Hypertrophy, Hydronephrosis etc. Bladder stones can be developed if it is not heeded with care at the initial stage. In some complex cases, the bladder can be torn if the pressure becomes too high. In chronic urine retention a patient may have to face mild symptoms whereas in acute urine retention, one may have to face severe symptoms.

Urine Retention Treatment:

Treatment should be started as soon as possible for evading any kind of unpleasant consequences in future. One should consult with a medical practitioner if the symptoms of this disease begin to emerge. For determining the impact of urine retention, a post-void residual scan can be conducted. The result of this scan can help a medical practitioner to provide better assistance to a patient. If a person is suffering from prostate cancer, the presence of serum prostate-specific antigen in the body should be determined for generating better result. Sometimes, kidneys are damaged by this disease and in this situation the presence of creatinine and urea in body have to be checked in advance. Insertion of a catheter in the bladder can help a person to get relieve from the severe symptoms of this disease. Inhibitor therapy or surgical operation can help a person to recuperate from this disease effectively.

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