Urinary Track Infection
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Urinary Track Infection: Facts To Ponder

 Urinary Track Infection is caused by a bacterial infection. The inflammation of ureters or urinary bladder can be caused if anyone is infected by this disease. Urine generally contains slats, waste products and various fluids etc. Those women who are leading an active sexual life are more vulnerable to this disease than males. Apart from that, those who are suffering from anatomic malfunctions, sickle-cell disease or diabetes are likely to be affected by this disease. In this disease, any part of the urinary track can be infected and in the later stage this bacterial infection can damage some vital organs of the body such as kidney and bladder.

Causes of Urinary Track Infection:

Urinary Track Infections can be caused by several ways. At the initial stage, the infectious bacteria pass through urethra and then started multiplying in the bladder rapidly. In this stage, the symptoms of this disease begin to exert themselves in full swing. Though everyone more particularly aged persons have bacteria in their urine track, not all of them suffer from the symptoms of this disease. Sexual intercourse is reckoned as one of the most potent cause of this infection. Inflammation in ureters and urinary bladder can trigger the cause of this disease. Some sexually transmitted diseases can increase the risk of being affected by this disease. The symptoms of Urinary Track Infection can be developed if a person is infected by Chlamydia and herpes simplex virus. As a matter of fact, the transmission of the bacteria of this disease can be reckoned as one of the potent cause of this disease.

Expansion of prostate in men and the pregnancy in women are some of the important factors that can cause also increase the risk of being affected by this disease. Allergy can increase the risk of this disease as well. The bladder can be infected by allergy and this can lead to many complications which in long run may cause Urinary Track Infection. Kidney stone or any obstacle that may hinder the flow of urination can increase the risk of this disease. Chronic ailments, diabetes, weak immunity system etc are some of the common causes of Urinary Track Infection. If a person is using catheters for a long span of time, there is a great chance that he can be infected by this disease.

Symptoms of Urinary Track Infection :

Frequent urination and excessive urination at night are the two most prominent signs of this disease. One can experience a burning sensation or pain while urinating. Acute pain can be felt in the suprapubic region. Pus or blood can be present in the urine and this is one of the important symptoms of Urinary Track Infection. In some cases, one can suffer from mild fever. Foul smell can emit from the urine and the excessive presence of protein in urine can be noticed.

Apart from that, one can experience extreme pain in some parts of his/her body. Vomiting, abdominal pain, weariness and sweating at night are some of the potent signs of Urinary Tract Infection. If the symptoms of this disease are not heeded with proper care and cautions, one’s kidney can be damaged severely and in some cases kidneys can stop functioning properly. Sometimes, pregnant women face some difficulties while giving birth.

Treatment for Urinary Track Infection:

Fluoroquinolone, nitrofurantoin, cephalosporins and trimethoprim are some of the common antibiotics which are used widely for generating better result if a person is suffering from Urinary Track Infection. Sometimes these antibiotics may generate some side effects and that is why small quantity of these antibiotics has to be applied on patients. For reducing the inflammation of kidneys, intravenous antibiotics can be taken. Gentamicin along with Ceftriaxone or Ampicillin can be taken for treating infections of the urinary tract. One should shun sweet foods and alcohol for getting better result. One should wear condom at the time of sexual intercourse. This will certainly reduce the risk of infection. One should not resist the urge of urination because urine can wash away some noxious bacteria. Drinking plenty of water can generate better result. An effective way of preventing this infection would be Acupuncture treatment.

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