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Tuberculosis: Know About It

 Tuberculosis is one of the lethal diseases that can jeopardize the life a patient if he has not been treated carefully. It is the mycrobacteria which is known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis that cause this fatal disease. Lungs are commonly attacked in this disease and in later stage central nervous system can be affected. Thirty three percent of the entire population in this world is infected by this disease. According to statistical report, in every one second, one person is infected by this Tuberculosis. Those who are suffering from weak immunity system can be affected by this disease. This is the reason why HIV positive people usually become the victim of this disease. Though anyone from any age group can be infected by this disease, aged persons are more susceptible to this disease.

Tuberculosis Causes:

 Infection caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis is reckoned as the main cause of this disease “Tuberculosis”. Apart from this particular mycobacteria, Tuberculosis can be caused by the infection of some other mycobacteria such as Mycobacterium microti, Mycobacterium canetti, Mycobacterium africanum and Mycobacterium bovis. But it has been observed that these infections usually don’t affect the health or the normal life style of an infected person.

Weak immunity system can increase the risk of the occurrence of this disease. Those who are suffering from the virus of HIV/AIDS can suffer from Tuberculosis as the viruses of this disease deteriorate the immunity system of an affected person. Those who are suffering from malnutrition can also be affected by this disease. Sometimes the adverse effects of immunosuppressive drugs can lead to this disease.

Transmission is another prominent cause of Tuberculosis. The bacteria of this disease can be transmitted from an affected person to a healthy person through the infectious droplets. Speaking, Sneezing, coughing etc are some of the common cases through which the infectious agents of this disease can spread very quickly.

Tuberculosis Symptoms:

 Coughing up blood, acute pain chest, prolonged and frequent coughing etc are some of the common symptoms of this disease. These symptoms can become evident if the lungs of a person are infected by this disease. Loss of appetite, loss of weight and weariness are some of the general symptoms of Tuberculosis. One can experience mild or high fever, sweating at night and chilling sensation if he is suffering by this disease. If this disease is not treated properly, this can damage some vital systems of body which can lead to many complications in near future. The circulatory system, lymphatic system, genitourinary system etc can be affected by this disease. Joints, skin and bones can be affected if a person suffers from this disease.

One can suffer from meningitis or swellings of the lymphatic glands in the later stage of this disease. Sometime a patient may not face any kind of symptoms of this disease but this happens very rarely. This might create some problems in determining whether a person is suffering from Tuberculosis or not.

Cure for Tuberculosis :

 Antibiotics can be applied for killing the noxious bacteria named “mycobacterium tuberculosis” which is the main cause of this disease. Isoniazid and rifampicin etc are some of the widely used antibiotics that can bring desired result. For eradicating the entire infectious bacteria, these antibiotics should be continued for a long span of time which will certainly generate better result. Sometimes, a single antibiotic can do a good job but often a combination of two of more antibiotics can be applied in some critical situations. Some antibacterial drugs such as Pyrazinamide and Rifampin can lessen some severe symptoms of this disease. But these antibiotics can bring some adverse affects and this is reason why one should consult with an experienced medical practitioners. Sometimes the bacteria of this disease become immune to some of the antibiotics and in that cases, combinations of drugs can be used for alleviating some of the symptoms of this disease. One must take rest and nutritious foods in order to recover from this disease as soon as possible. A person may take vaccine for staying away from this disease. BCG vaccine is widely used for this purpose through out the world.

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