Trigger Finger
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Trigger Finger: Know More About It

Trigger Finger, is a condition in which fingers are infected. Inflammation of fingers and enveloping sheath are some of the hallmark symptoms of this disease. Trigger finger is also known as “tendonous synovitis”. The normal functions of fingers can be disrupted if a person is suffering from this disease. Though “Trigger Finger” does not usually create any complication, sometimes a patient can suffer from acute pain from the affected parts.

This disease is called as trigger finger as it bears some resemblances with the action of pulling the trigger on a gun. In this disease if a person unlocks the fingers, they can bounce back abruptly. This is the reason why this disease is named as “Trigger Finger”.

Trigger Finger Causes:

 The muscles of the forearm and the finger bones are connected by some tendons. These tendons are responsible for the proper function of fingers. But if any case, a knot or a nodule develops on these connecting tendons, it can lead to “Trigger Finger”. If situation aggravates, scarring or inflammation can appear that can deter the fingers from functioning properly. Development of knots or nodules is reckoned as the major cause of “Trigger Finger” but the practitioners can’t pinpoint the reason behind the growth of these nodules on the connecting tissues. The repetition of gripping action and the inflammation in fingers can cause rheumatoid arthritis in the later stage of this disease. Those who are suffering from the disease of diabetes or gout are more likely to be affected by this disease.

The people who are working in those sectors which demand frequent gripping actions such as playing musical instruments, gardening and cultivating are more vulnerable to this disease. If a person has to keep the digit of his hand in flexed position while working, the symptoms of this disease are more likely to occur. The snapping of digit can occur if the situation aggravates.

Symptoms of Trigger Finger:

 The symptom of “Trigger Finger” can vary person to person. At the initial stage, the fingers began to inflame and acute pain can be experienced in the affected parts. While moving or straightening the fingers, one can hear a soft cracking sound which is the most potent sign of this disease. Several fingers can be infected by this disease at the same time or the fingers can be infected one by one. Though any finger can be affected by this disease, thumb, ring and middle fingers are usually affected by this disease. Joints in the fingers are affected in this disease. Extreme pain can be felt in the morning and this can also be felt if a person tries to grip an object tightly.

In the later stage of this disease, a patient may have to use force for straightening his fingers. Sometimes fingers may be locked if they are kept in a bent position for a long time. This can disrupt the normal life style of a person. Bumps can emerge on the affected parts of finger.

Trigger Finger Treatment:

The obstruction that hinders the normal movement of the fingers has to be removed for recuperating from this disease. The treatment of this disease can vary depending upon the severity of symptoms. When a person is experiencing mild symptoms, fingers should be given rest. Work which demands repetitive movement of fingers should be avoided for few days until a person recuperate form this disease. If a person is suffering from acute pain from the affected parts of the fingers, steroid injection or anti-inflammatory drugs can be given to him for generating better result. This will certainly reduce the inflammation of the fingers. In some complex cases, surgical operation may be needed to lessen the symptoms of “Trigger Fingers”. By cutting the sheath which restricts the usual function of tendon, the symptoms of this disease can be reduced. Therapeutic ultrasound, Acupuncture, phonophoresis, occupational therapy and physical therapy can generate better result in this disease.


If a person is facing severe symptoms of this disease, he should consult with a medical practitioner forthwith. Regular exercise can lessen some of the symptoms efficaciously.

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