Trench Mouth
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Know About Trench Mouth

 “Trench Mouth” is a disease in which gums, mouth and respiratory track are infected. Ulcerations and the bleeding of gums are some of the prominent signs of this disease. This disease is also known as “Acute Necrotising Ulcerative Gingivitis” and “Vincent's stomatitis”. Trench Mouth first grabbed the attention of medical practitioners during First World War. In that war, many soldiers had to spend time in trenches and in that situation they could not take proper care of their mouth and this lead to a disease which is now known as “Trench Mouth”.

This disease is now rare in developed countries. This disease of mouth is common in underdeveloped and developing countries. Though any one of any age group can be affected by this disease if proper care of mouth is not taken, people under the age group of thirty-five are more vulnerable to this disease.

Causes of Trench Mouth:

Bacterial infection is thought to be the major cause of this disease. Ulceration can also lead to this disease. As a matter of fact, Trench mouth is a common type of gingivitis which is caused by the inflammation of gums. Though infection of gum is rare in present time, poor living condition and malnutrition can trigger the cause of this disease. Even infection of throat or teeth can lead to this oral disease. Those who do not have strong immunity system may suffer from this disease. Smoking and stress can increase the risk of getting affected by this disease.

Overgrowth of some microorganisms such as bacteria, virus and fungi can cause infection in the mouth and this is reckoned as one of the prominent causes of this disease. The delicate gum tissues can be affected by this disease and ultimately ulcer can form in the mouth. These ulcers are usually filled with dying tissues, food debris and bacteria. The toxins and the enzymes that are secreted from the ulcers eventually destroy the tissues of the gum. Caution must be taken in advance otherwise; it would appear very difficult to restrain the rapid growth of harmful bacteria in the affected parts.

If a person does not brush regularly, he can be easily affected by Trench Mouth disease because bacteria will get nourishment from the food particles that usually remain the gaps between teeth. Chewing tobacco can trigger the cause of this disease. Those who are suffering from cancer or HIV/AIDS are more susceptible to this disease.

Symptoms of Trench Mouth :

Inflammation of gums and the occasional bleeding are some of the prominent symptoms of “Trench Mouth”. One can experience acute pain and a feeling of irritation in the affected parts. Weariness and fever are some of the common symptoms of this disease. Ulcers can develop and one can experience foul taste in his mouth if he is affected by this disease. A grayish film can emerge on the surface of the gums. If this disease is not treated properly, it can lead to many complications. The infection can spread rapidly and it can infect cheeks, lips as well as jawbones. A patient can face some difficulties while swallowing or eating. Lymph nodes can emerge on neck, jaw or in head. These are some of the important signs of this disease.

Treatment of Trench Mouth:

Mouth rinses, regular brushing and flossing are some of the common practices that can help a person to maintain a good oral hygiene. If a person can follow this regularly, he will easily prevent this disease. If a person is suffering from acute pain, painkillers can be given to him for reducing the severity of pain. If situation aggravates, one should consult with professional dentist. Antibiotics can be taken for curing bacterial infections or for killing microorganisms.

Eating fruits and leading a hygienic life style can help a person to stay away from this disease.


One should visit a dentist forthwith if he is suffering from acute pain in mouth. In case of frequent bleeding, one can take the advice of a dentist.

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