Travel Sickness
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Travel Sickness: What Is This Disease All About

“Travel sickness” is a condition of human body which is caused when brain is receiving different responses from the vestibular system and the eyes about the exact position of the body. This problem generally occurs while a person is traveling in car, aircraft or in a ship. “Travel Sickness” is also known as “Kinetosis” or “Motion sickness”. Based on the symptoms of this condition, it can be termed as carsickness, airsickness, seasickness, space sickness etc. This condition is usually associated with a feeling of dizziness. Nausea is one of the hallmark signs of Travel sickness.

It has been observed that approximately 33% people are vulnerable to travel sickness and approximately 65% people are vulnerable to some severe symptoms of travel sickness. Children are generally affected by this problem than the adults.

Causes of Travel Sickness:

 Strong smell of petrol or food may trigger the symptoms of travel sickness. If a person can’t see the horizon while traveling on a ship or boat, it may incite the symptoms of this problem. Frequent jerky movements which are common while traveling in ship, car etc can trigger the cause of travel sickness. A person generally does not suffer from travel sickness if he is having a smooth journey. The ups and downs in road or zigzag route can affect a large section of travelers. If a person tries to read a book or if he is trying to follow a guide map while traveling in a cab or ship, he can be affected by the symptoms of travel sickness. The conflict between balance and vision can lead to this problem. If a person is traveling in a ship or in a cab which has no window, his eyes will transmit the message to his brain there is no movement at all but the ear will send the message that he is in motion. This discrepancy will ultimately trigger the symptoms of nausea or vomiting.

Symptoms of Travel Sickness:

 Travel sickness generally does not induce any serious symptoms. Sweating, vomiting, nausea, numbness, headache etc are some of the common symptoms of travel sickness.

Types of Travel Sickness:

 Travel sickness can be divided into four types. If a person is traveling in ship, he may suffer from seasickness. In that condition, he should stay away from the smell of fuel as far as possible. Spending time on the deck can alleviate some of the symptoms of seasickness. While spending time on the deck one should not focus his attention to the waves rather than he should look at the horizon. Closing eyes can help a person to get relieve from the symptoms of nausea.

While traveling on a cab, one can suffer from carsickness. Sitting in front of the car can help a person to get a clear view of the road and this will alleviate some of the problems of travel sickness. One should not play games or read book while traveling on car because this can trigger the some symptoms.

A person can suffer from the symptoms of travel sickness while playing video games. This is termed as “Simulation Sickness”. Those video games that create an illusion of motion can generate some symptoms which are very similar to the symptoms of Travel sickness.

Airsickness can affect a person if he is traveling in an aircraft. One can close his eyes and can listen to music for evading some symptoms of this type of travel sickness. A seat near the wing of an aircraft would be an ideal place for traveling in aircraft.

Treatment of Travel Sickness:

 Anti-sickness medications can be taken before or during a long journey to avoid some symptoms of travel sickness. One should not have a heavy meal or should not drink alcohol before starting a journey. If a person is feeling uncomfortable while traveling, he can keep his eyes close. Acupressure can also generate better result if a person is suffering from Travel sickness. One can take peppermint or ginger in his travel for reducing some symptoms of travel sickness.

Some antihistamines such as Dramamine can help to fight against hypersensitive reactions.

Anticholinergic drug for example scopolamine can also be taken to lessen some of the symptoms.

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