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Tonsillitis: Facts To Know About It

 The infection of Tonsil is known as “Tonsillitis”. In this disease tonsils are inflamed. Sometimes a patient may suffer from fever and sore throat which are some of the hallmark symptoms of this disease. Tonsillitis can affect any person from any age group but children within the age group of ten are more susceptible to this disease.

Causes of Tonsillitis:

This disease can be caused by various micro-organisms. Viral and bacterial infections are some of the common causes of Tonsillitis. Epstein-Barr virus, A beta-haemolytic streptococci etc are some of the common viruses or bacteria that can cause this disease. Some people thought that variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob (vCJD) disease could lead to Tonsillitis but it has not been proved yet. As surgical instruments can easily transmit the virus of vCJD, the equipments have to be sterilized and cleaned properly to stop this transmission.

Apart from that, superinfection of treponema and spirochaeta can trigger the cause of Tonsillitis. This is known as Plaut-Vincent angina or Vincent's angina. Infection is inevitable if a person is affected by this disease but it has not been corroborated whether the symptoms of Tonsillitis are caused by the reactions of the immunity system against the infectious agents or it is the infectious agents that trigger these symptoms. Abnormal immune response against the infectious agents can be one of the prominent causes of this disease.

Symptoms Tonsillitis:

: Patients who are suffering from Tonsillitis may bear some common symptoms. Tiredness, fever and headache are some of the common symptoms of this disease. One can face difficulties while swallowing something or he can also face sore throat. Small bumps can appear on various places particularly in neck. Those who are younger can suffer from stomach pain which might be the result of the inflammation of the lymph glands in that place. Besides that, a patient may have to face some complication in future if proper care and cautions is not taken.

Peritonsillar abscess may develop in some cases. In this situation, tonsils are filled with pus and this may cause acute pain. Surrounding tissues around the inflamed tonsils can be affected in this complex situation. Pus can spread rapidly and can affect some vital parts of the body such as neck, face etc. A patient may have to face tremendous amount of difficulties while opening mouth. Foul smelling and fever are some general symptoms in this situation. One can face problems while breathing as the airway is blocked by an abscess. This can bring some fatal repercussions or can jeopardize the life of a person.

In some cases, one can suffer from Lemierre’s syndrome. Fusobacterium necrophorum is thought to be the cause of this syndrome. This syndrome can affects some vital organs of the body such as bones, joints, lungs etc. Further, ones voice quality can suffer from this disease.

Types of Tonsillitis:

Chronic, subacute and acute are the three main types of Tonsillitis. Subacute tonsillitis can be caused by Actinomyces and the symptoms of this disease can last from three weeks to three months. In Chronic tonsillitis, the symptoms can emerge sporadically and it can continue for a long time if it is not treated properly. Viral and bacterial infections are main causes of Acute tonsillitis.

Tonsillitis Treatment:

Generally, children recuperate from this disease even without undergoing any medical treatment. But in some cases, one should take the advice of a general practitioner for getting better result. One should drink plenty of water if he is suffering from Tonsillitis. If a person is suffering from acute pain, pain-relieving syrup can do a good job. Some practitioners advocate for antibiotics for bring down the severity of some of the symptoms of this disease. But some antibiotics can associates with some serious side effects and in that case, low dosages of antibiotics can be applied after perusing the physical condition of a patient. Erythromycin and penicillin are some of the common antibiotics which are commonly applied. If a person is suffering from acute pain “Ibuprofen” can be given to him. Gargling with lukewarm water can lessen the pain of this disease.

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