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Tinnitus: Know About It

Tinnitus is a symptom in which the person hears sound in one or both of the ears and which has no external source. The sound is heard inside the ear like ringing, roaring, whistling, buzzing and hissing. The condition may persist for a brief period or it could be felt permanently. This “phantom” sound makes the person to be under anxiety as he understands that what he is hearing is not true. The noise also distracts the attention of the person constantly and leads to insomnia in the person. In severe cases, the person might feel anxious that finally lead to depression. The incidence of Tinnitus is found in around 15 percent of people at some point of time, but it is seen more after the age of 60 years.

Causes of Tinnitus

Tinnitus is said to be due to an abnormal ear condition and is found in person having hearing loss as those who are aged. The main causes of tinnitus are exposure to noise, head injury, Ménière's disease, overactive thyroid gland or anaemia, presence of earwax, stress and some medication, such as aspirin. If Tinnitus is found in one ear, it may be due to an acoustic neuroma.

The causes of Tinnitus are mainly foreign objects or wax present in the ear, nose allergies that stops or induce fluid to come and builds up wax and injury to the ear from loud noises. It could also be some side effect from taking in oral medications, like aspirin, or else the result of low level of serotonin activity.

Symptoms of Tinnitus

 The person with Tinnitus hears sound in one or both the ears and it could be in the head. The sound heard can be a quiet background noise or else one which is heard louder than any external sound.

The person with Tinnitus usually describes a ringing sound, but many hear high pitched buzzing, humming, and whistling, whining, hissing sound. There are also cases of ticking, roaring, "tree frogs”,” crickets" or "locusts" tunes, songs or beeping. Many describe the sound as a "whooshing" sound like that of wind or waves.

 Tinnitus Treatment

 A person suffering from tinnitus should avoid loud noise and also stop earwax build up. If a cause for tinnitus is found which is curable, the person can get rid of tinnitus by using proper medication. If the person knows that the cause of tinnitus is not serious enough, there are good chances of it being going away. One of the best ways to treat the disease is to mask the noise with a background radio which helps in distracting the person from tinnitus. The person may need counseling and antidepressant therapy if found to have anxiety as well as depression.

There should be medication checks for potential ototoxicity. There could be cumulative ototoxicity between medications. If medications for ototoxicity are given to the patient, the physician should closely monitor to the prescription details like dose and the intervals of its intake. This way one can reduce the damage.

Some common drugs prescribed for Tinnitus include Ginkgo Bilbo, Lidocaine injection, Benzodiazepines, Zinc supplementation, Acamprosate, Etidronate or sodium fluoride, Lignocaine or anticonvulsants, Carbemazepine, Melatonin, Sertraline, Vitamin combinations. The patient may also be prescribed Electrical stimulation, Tran cranial magnetic stimulation, transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, direct stimulation of auditory cortex by implanted electrodes. In some cases surgery may be needed.


As Tinnitus can have permanent conditions, it is recommended to have precautionary measures. If the person hears the ringing sound in the ears after any loud sound environment, as in some rock concert, it is taken that damage of the ear has been done to some extent. If one hears to noise levels of 70 dB for a long time, there is good chance of hering loss of the person. Musicians and DJs should use special earplugs to lower the intensity fo the volume of the music and thus stop the person from having tinnitus.

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