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Know About Stroke

 Stroke is one kind of medical emergency that can damage the neurological system permanently. World Health Organization in 1970 declared stroke to be a neurological disorder that either causes death within a day or prevails for more than a day. It is one of the major causes of death in every country. In the United States , it is the third major cause for death. The blood vessels that carry blood to the brain often cause disturbance. This leads to the rapid disorder in the functioning of the brain. Stroke, faint or fit in the language of medical science is referred as an ictus meaning cerebri. It is a Latin word derived from icere meaning to strike. Earlier, stroke was termed as CVA or cerebrovascular accident. The severity of stroke could be checked if a patient is treated at an early stage.

Different Strokes

 Stroke is generally classified as hemorrhagic and ischemic. Hemorrhage stroke is caused due to the abnormality of the vascular structure or for the split of a blood vessel. If blood accumulates in any part of the skull then it is termed as intracranial hemorrhage. Hemorrhage is also of two types, intra axial hemorrhage and extra axial hemorrhage. In case of intra axial hemorrhage the blood clots inside the brain whereas in extra axial hemorrhage blood clots outside the brain but inside the skull. Death reports are lower in case of hemorrhage stroke than in case of ischemic stroke.

Sometimes, the blood supply decreases causing necrosis and dysfunction of the brain tissue of a particular part which is known as ischemic stroke. Thrombosis, venous thrombosis, systematic hypoperfusion and embolism are the four reasons that lead to ischemic stroke. In case of strokes whose causes are not identified properly, it is called cryptogenic. The word cryptogenic denotes that the origin of the stroke is not known.

Stroke Symptoms

 Stroke and its symptoms occur suddenly and develop very fast. The severity and nature of the stroke depends on the part of brain that is affected. The symptoms of hemorrhagic stroke often can be noticed only in the affected area or it can affect other parts by increasing the intracranial pressure and bleeding. The symptoms of ischemic stroke could be noticed only in the area that is affected by the artery blockage. To identify the affected portion the physicians identifies the symptoms, refers neurological tests and studies medical records of the patient.

Stroke Causes

The cause of stroke varies depending on its type. If the blood clot causes obstruction of the blood vessel then it is called thrombosis. When the venous pressure is more than the artery-generated pressure it leads to venous thrombosis. Normal reduction in the supply of blood causes systemic hypo perfusion and embolism is caused due to supply of abnormal particle from any part of the body. When the cause is unknown then it is called cryptogenic stroke. The general causes for stroke are high blood pressure or hypertension, increase of age, transient ischemic attack or earlier attack, increase in the cholesterol level and diabetes. Smoking cigarettes, contraceptive pills, thrombophilia, artial fibrillation, migraine and foramen ovale are also some of the causes of stroke.

 Stroke Treatment

 It is necessary to realize the symptoms of stroke at the first stage. Proper medical history and tests can help the physicians to identify the extent, type and presence of the stroke. Occupational therapy and physiotherapy together called supportive care is one of the major treatments of stroke. Sometimes clot buster or thrombolysis is also used for the treatment of stroke. Secondary treatment includes control of the blood pressure, use of antiplatelet drugs like dipyridamole and aspirin, anticoagulation and statins.

Advice Regarding Stroke

 It is advisable to consult a doctor at the preliminary stage. All the necessary tests should be made for the proper treatment. It is advised to admit the patient in hospital for proper cure. One should try to avoid unhealthy diet, smoking and alcoholic consumption as they often cause stroke. A person should practice physical workouts, check the diabetes and cholesterol level at regular levels as this reduces the chances of stroke.

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