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Snoring: the Basic Facts

When the air in the respiratory system is obstructed, a vibration is usually generated which is known as Snoring. This sound is produced when a person is sleeping. The sound of snoring can vary from person to person. Though Snoring does not create any unpleasant health problems, some people can suffer from health problems if it is not heeded with care. It has been observed that, approximately 30% women and 40% men are affected by snoring.

Causes of Snoring

 While breathing, the sound of snoring can be generated in the throat and the nose as a result of vibration in those parts. An obstruction in the passage of respiratory track usually causes snoring but the sound of snoring can’t be heard while a person is wide awake. When a person is wide awake, the muscles in the passage of airway work hard to keep the passage of airway obstruction free. But when a person sleeps, these muscles stop functioning actively and this will certainly narrow the passage of airway. This is the reason why the sound of snoring starts when a person is in profound sleep.

Apart from that, there are some other factors available that can aggravate the condition of snoring. If a person is addicted to alcohol or if he takes sleeping pills, the noise of snoring can be increased because the muscles will stops functioning even further. Obesity is another factor that can cause snoring. The excessive weight of the body may create pressure on the airways and this may lead to many complications. Smokers are more likely to get affected by the problem of snoring as their air passages always remains blocked or swollen. Crooked nose, and nasal polyps can block the nose partially and this may lead to this problem. Allergies and cold are some of the common factors that can also influence the impact of snoring.

Effects of Snoring

 One can suffer from sleep apnoea in which the throat muscle create a blockage in the airway. The supply of oxygen in body can be interrupted in this situation. Sometimes one can experience tiredness, restlessness or irritability because of the lack of proper sleep. These are some of the effects at the initial stage. In the long run, snoring can lead to many complications. Mild stroke, heart attacks and high blood pressure can jeopardize the life of a person. In this situation, proper care and treatment should be taken in order to get relief from this problem. Ones sexual life can be disrupted by it. Further, one can lose concentration while doing something and this is one of the prominent effects of snoring.

Interpersonal relationship can be affected in long run. Besides that, one may face some hindrances while leading a normal life style as well.

Snoring Treatments:

Treatment of snoring should be targeted to clear the blockage in the path of breathing which is the main cause of Snoring. One should shun smoking and drinking alcohol. One should try hard to reduce his body weight which is another prominent cause of snoring. One can consult with a practitioner in order to get better results. Dental appliances can be used for generating better result. The lower jaw is advanced slightly in this treatment and this can help a patient immensely to get relief from this problem.

Positive Airway pressure machine can be used to deal with this problem. This can effectively reduce snoring and its effects. This machine helps to remove the hindrance in the passage of airway by inserting shoebox-sized device. Surgery is another viable option for generating better result. Uvulopalatopharyngoplasty can broaden the passage of airway. In this surgery, the tissues at the back of the throat are removed. Radiofrequency ablation is another surgical treatment in which radiofrequency energy is used for getting better result. This surgical treatment can effectively reduce the severe effects of snoring.


Anti-inflammatory nasal sprays and antihistamine tablets can be taken to get temporary relief from snoring. Inhaling steam or a humidifier can help a person to keep his nasal passage clear.

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