Skin Cancer
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Know About Skin Cancer

Skin Cancer is type of cancer in which a harmful growth on the skin can be observed. This disease usually develops in the outer layer of the skin, which is known as “Epidermis”. As the growth starts on the epidermis, the tumor can be traced out very easily. Skin cancer is caused by the direct exposure of sunlight and this is the reason why one should don cloths, which are sun protective.

This cancer is growing at a very rapid speed in the United States . It has been observed that the number of people, who were affected by skin cancer in the past twenty years, has doubled in recent years. Approximately 80% skin cancer affected people can recuperate from this disease if proper treatment procedure is followed.

What Causes Skin Cancer

It is the harmful Ultra Violet rays of Sun, which is the main reason of this disease. If a person gets the direct exposure of sunlight for long period, he can be affected by skin cancer. Sunbathing and suntan, which are responsible for reducing the life span of skin cells, can increase the risk of skin cancer. Though anyone from any ethnic group can be infected by this disease, those who have fair complexion are more susceptible to skin cancer. This fatal disease can affect those people who have to spend sometimes in the sun or those who have moles on their skin.

Even a short period of exposure to scorching sunlight can cause skin cancer. Women between the age group between twenty and thirty-five are more vulnerable to malignant melanoma rather than men. Men usually suffer from non-melanoma skin cancer. If a child gets too much sun exposure in the early part of his childhood or infancy, skin cancer can develop in the later stage of his life.

What does Skin Cancer Look Like

The symptoms of skin cancer can be varied. The emergence of crabs on the surface of the skin and an incurable wound on skin, are some of the potent signs of skin cancer. Ulcer can erupt on the skin or skin may lose its natural color in this disease. Noticeable changes can emerge in moles as well. When the tumor appears, small blood vessels can be seen in it. These are some of the common signs of skin cancer that can be observed at the initial stage.

In the later stage, the tumor can bleed occasionally. Sudden changes on the surface of the tumor can be noticed in this phrase. Squamous cell carcinoma and Basal cell carcinoma are two common types of tumor that can develop on the outer layer of the skin if a person is affected by skin cancer. If Squamous cell carcinoma is not treated properly, it can form a large mass on the skin.

Bleeding from existing mole, a feeling of itchiness and acute pain are some other common symptoms of this disease. The appearance of new moles at the time of attaining adulthood is one of the potent signs of skin cancer.

Types of Skin Cancer:

Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) and basal cell carcinoma (BCC) are the two most common types of skin cancer. In these two types, the skin loses its original color but this symptom rarely spreads in the entire body of an affected person. In both types, DNA of a skin cell is damaged directly by UV-B radiation. The most dangerous type of skin cancer is malignant melanoma. In this type, DNA of a skin cell is damaged indirectly by UV-A radiation. Kaposi's sarcoma, Dermatofibrosarcoma protuberans, Merkel cell carcinoma etc are some of the other types of skin cancer.

Skin Cancer Treatment:

By removing the tumor from the skin, a patient of a skin cancer can be treated efficaciously. While removing that particular tumor, care should be taken so that a single infected cell must not remain after the surgery. This is the best possible treatment for a skin cancer affected patient. At the initial stage of skin cancer, cryotherapy and radiation therapy can generate better result. However, these two therapies are not as effective as surgery, but still they can help to lessen the symptoms of this disease. If a practitioner wants to restrict the spread of skin cancer, these two would be the best possible therapies available for him.


For avoiding skin cancer, one should drink plenty of water that will restrict his body from being overheated. Application of sunscreen lotions can protect a person from sunburn.

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