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More About Sinusitis

“Sinusitis” is a disease in which sinuses are inflamed. Viral infection is the main cause of this disease. Apart from that, allergic substances, fungal and bacteria can cause this kind of infection. Sinusitis can be classified depending on the location. Ethmoid sinusitis is one of the common types in which pain can be felt behind or between eyes. In Frontal sinusitis, pain emerges from the frontal sinus cavity. Maxillary sinusitis is another type in which upper jaw is mainly affected. In Sphenoid sinusitis, one can feel pain at the back his eyes.

This disease rarely affects children below the age group of five. Those people who are suffering from fibrocystic disease of the pancreas, rhinitis and nasal abnormalities, are more vulnerable to this disease. Those who don’t have strong immunity system may suffer from this disease as well. If a person is a chain smoker, he can become the easy prey of this disease.

Causes Of Sinusitis:

Inflammation of sinuses is one of the main causes of this disease. This inflammation can cause acute pain or chronic pain. Sinuses become inflamed when they are infected by some virus. Sometimes other diseases can trigger the symptoms of this disease. If in any case the respiratory tract is affected by these diseases, it can cause “Sinusitis”.

Sinusitis Symptoms

The symptoms of “Sinusitis” can vary depending upon the stage of this disease and its types. Fever, headache and acute pain are some of the common symptoms of this disease. A patient may have to face some obstructions in nasal passage if he is affected by this disease. One can lose his power to differentiate smell and taste in some cases. This is one of the potent signs of this disease. One can experience pain in face while bending or coughing. The symptoms of this disease can emerge sporadically or can stay permanently until a patient recovers from Sinusitis. Some patient may face mild symptoms while some have to face severe symptoms.

Physical discomfort, blurred vision aching teeth etc are some of the common symptoms of chronic sinusitis.

Types of Sinusitis:

Sinusitis has some major types and all of them have some common symptoms that sometimes create difficulties in differentiating one type from another type. Acute Sinusitis is one of the prominent types of this disease. This disease is generally caused by viral infection in the respiratory track. Dental infection is another prominent cause of this type. If a person is suffering from some lethal diseases for example AIDS, acute sinusitis can jeopardize his life if proper care has not been taken.

Chronic sinusitis is another common type of this disease. The symptoms in this type appear periodically. Bacterial infection, pollution and allergy are some of the factors that can cause chronic sinusitis. If a person is suffering from vasomotor rhinitis, there is a greater chance that he can be affected by chronic sinusitis. Narrowing of sinus passages is one of the common causes of this disease.

 Sinusitis Treatment:

The symptoms of this disease can be lessened by taking some common painkillers. Sprays and nose drops can assist a patient to reduce the severity of some symptoms. If a patient is suffering from congestion, one can inhale steam of hot water to relieve from this symptom of this disease. If a person is suffering from acute sinusitis, he should consult with a practitioner. Hypersensitive reactions and allergies can be treated by taking antihistamine. A patient should take rest in order to recuperate from this disease as soon as possible.

Some analgesics such as paracetamol, aspirin, ibuprofen etc can be used to get better result. If a patient is suffering from unbearable pain, some antibiotics such as Amoxicillin along with clavulanate or amoxicillin can be given to him. For restraining the symptoms of allergy, Doxycycline and Fluoroquinolones are frequently used. Pulsatile lavage can be used effectively for destroying bacteria and other germs. Phage therapy is another effective treatment, which can generate desired result.


If in any situation the symptoms become unbearable for a patient, the patient should be brought under medical attention forthwith.

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