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Know More About Shock

Shock is a medical condition in which the tissues of the body suffer from inadequate oxygen supply that can bring some serious repercussions. The impact of shock can vary from minor to major psychological or physiological complications. However, there is a huge difference between physiological shock and psychological shock. In physiological shock, an affected person suffers from lack of adequate supply of oxygen in blood cells but in Psychological shock, a patient may have to face some mental complications.

Causes of Shock:

A sudden occurrence of an unexpected incident or bad news is the main cause of psychological shock. The sudden demise of a close relative can lead to this situation as well. Experiencing a traumatic incident or accident are some of the other common causes. Those who become the victims of violence can be affected by psychological shock. Though psychological shock usually does not jeopardize the life of a person, it can lead to many mental complications. The effects of psychological shock can last for years and sometimes it can disrupt the normal life style of a person completely.

Blood clotting, severe bleeding and a sudden injury are some of the common causes of physiological shock. Poisoning and spinal injury can also trigger this kind of shock. A severe heart attack or a low blood pressure can cause Cardiogenic shock as well, which can bring some serious consequences. Anaphylactic shock can occur if a person is bitten by some harmful insects. Side effects of some medications can also triggers the symptoms of this kind of shock. When the blood pressure of a person drastically falls, it can trigger Septic shock. If the flow of the blood circulation is obstructed, this can lead to a serious physiological shock. If the spinal cord is injured by an accident, it can lose its functionality, which may cause Neurogenic shock.

Symptoms of Shock:

The symptoms of Shock can vary depending upon the type of Shock. Low blood pressure, weakness, fast pulse rate etc are some of the common symptoms of a person who has experienced a shock. Numbness, fast breathing, blue lips and cold skin are some of the common signs of it. The symptoms of shocks can vary depending upon the severity of the shock. If a person has experienced a mild shock, he can lose his concentration for a while. Sometimes the effect of this shock may continue until the person overcomes this sudden jolt. If the shock is severe, an affected person may have to face some problems to overcome it. Post-traumatic stress disorder may develop in future and this is one of the severe symptoms of a shock. In this situation, the shocking or appalling event begins to flash in the mind of a person occasionally. This can force a patient to get addicted to alcohol or drugs in order to keep away the memory of that incident. Ultimately, a patient begins to behave in an abnormal way. Sudden occurrence of wrath and irritating behavior etc are some of the common symptoms in this stage.

If a patient is suffering from cardiogenic shock, one can experience low blood pressure and mild heart attack. Inflammation of tongue and lips, breathing problem, itchiness in skin, anxiety, nausea and frequent sneezing are some of the common symptoms of a person who is suffering from Anaphylactic shock. In Neurogenic shock, one can experience, dryness in mouth, weariness and mottled skin. Impatience, uneasiness, anxiety etc are some of the common signs of Hypovolemic shock.


Treatment of shock should be started as soon as possible to get better result. As the occurrence of shock can’t be prevented in advance, one should try to reduce the impact of shock by doing some simple things. To restore blood pressure, one should lie down and raise his legs to 25cm after being affected by this disease. This simple practice will help him to avoid the repercussions of an anaphylactic shock. If a person is facing problem while breathing, he should repose for a while. In a physiological shock, bleeding has to be stopped at any cost. One should not be given anything to eat or drink because this can increase the chance of vomiting.


A quick treatment can generate better result. Further, an affected person should be given metal support. If the situation is getting out of control, the advice of an experienced practitioner should be taken.

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