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Facts To Know About Rosacea

“Rosacea” is a skin disease, which is prevalent mainly in adults, more particularly in women. In this skin disease, the cheeks and the center part of mouth are usually affected. In some rare cases, Rosacea can affect the chest and neck of a person. People between the age group of 30 and 60 are susceptible to this disease. Statistical report implies the fact that this disease affects approximately over forty-five million people worldwide. Though it can attacks any person of any ethnic group, North-Western Europeans are vulnerable to this disease. In this disease, the blood vessels begin to grow rapidly and this leads to a flushed appearance.

Rosacea Causes

Flushed appearance or redness of face is the potent sign of Rosacea. Those things that caused flushed appearance can play a dominating role in developing this disease. Sun exposure, extreme heat and arduous exercise can cause flushness that in turn can cause this disease. Stress, cold weather, sunburn and anxiety are some of the common causes that can trigger flushing. Certain beverages, fast foods, spicy food and alcohol can also cause flushing.

Some skin irritants or medications can cause this disease. Tretinoin, benzoyl peroxide, isotretinoin, microdermabrasion are some of the names of wrinkle treatments that can cause this disease. The practice of using nasal or topical steroids can affect skin of a person.

Some practitioners aver that Rosacea can be caused by a neurological disorder. When the intestinal bacteria attack “kallikrein-kinin” system this can make the sensory neuron oversensitive. This is the main cause of this neurological disorder.

Symptoms of Rosacea

As it is aforementioned, flushed face is the major symptom of this disease. A patient can feel a burning or itchy sensation in the affected parts of his body. In some cases, pimples of yellow or white color can emerge. Often the pimples are filled with pus. Sometimes permanent rashes may appear on the surface of the skin and sometimes skin may turn red. If the patient is an aged person, his skin may become swollen or thickened. Nose is usually affected by this disease.

Types of Rosacea

“Rosacea” can be of different types. A patient may suffer from a particular type or more than one type of Rosacea. “Papulopustular rosacea” is one of the common types of this disease. Papules filled with pus erupt on the outer surface of the skin is the vital symptom of this disease. These papules usually last from one to four days. “Erythematotelangiectatic rosacea” is another common type of Rosacea. A person who is suffering from this disease may experience stinging sensation in the affected areas.

In “Ocular Rosacea”, a person can experience irritation and dryness in his eyes. Uncomfortable feelings and a burning sensation are some of the prominent signs of this type. In Phymatous rosacea, the nose is commonly affected. Thickening of skin is one of the major symptoms of this disease. Ears, forehead, eyelids, cheeks and chin are some other places, which are commonly affected by this disease. Women usually suffer from “Granulomatous rosacea”. Topical Metronidazole can be used to treat a patient who is suffering from this type.

Rosacea Treatment :

The treatment of Rosacea can be varied depending upon the severeness of the symptoms and types of this disease. Subtype-directed approach is recommended by some dermatologists to fight against the symptoms of this disease effectively. One should use mild skin cleansing regimen for reducing the severity of the symptoms of this disease. Besides that, one should avoid direct sun light. Application of some sunscreen lotions can help a patient to get relieved from the feeling of irritation. Titanium dioxide and zinc oxide are two most important ingredients of a perfect sunscreen lotion. If one wants to get relieve from inflammation, redness or papules, some topical antibiotics and oral tetracycline can be applied. Minocycline, doxycycline and tetracycline are some of the common Oral tetracycline antibiotics that can be applied to fight against this disease. Skinoren and Finacea are some of the widely known Topical azelaic acid that can effectively bring down inflammation of papules and bumps.

If a person is suffering from acute pain, Isotretinoin can be applied. However, this medication has some side effects and that is why low dosages should be applied on a patient. People, who are suffering from infection in the eyelids, must apply dilute baby shampoo in the eyelids for getting better result.

Advice :

One should shun alcohol and spicy foods that usually trigger this disease. Besides that, one should try to avoid stress and sun exposure in order to recuperate from this disease as soon as possible.

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