Raynaud's Phenomenon
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Facts about Raynaud's Phenomenon  

n the language of medical science Raynaud’s phenomenon is a disease that causes paleness of skin especially of the toes and fingers. The disease is named after a physician of France named Maurice Raynaud. The discoloration occurs in a pattern of white, blue and ultimately red. This is found more in women than in men. According to the Framingham Study, nearly six percent of men suffer from this disease whereas nearly ten percent of women are its sufferer.

Symptoms Of Raynaud’s Phenomenon:

The disease Raynaud’s phenomenon can be traced by the symptoms like cold extremities, paleness and pains. Lack of proper diagnosis is often harmful to the patients. It would be dangerous if a person suffering from Raynaud’s phenomenon were shifted to a cold climatic region. A person suffering from unilateral Raynaud’s often do not realize the affect of the disease on their feet. Symptoms of this disease generally fade when a woman is pregnant as the flow of blood is increased. People suffering from this disease suffer from angina and migraine.

Causes Of Raynaud’s Phenomenon:

The causes of primary Raynaud’s phenomenon is unknown. To identify the cause of this disease in a person a physician needs to go through the medical history of the person very minutely. Vasospasm is one of the causes of this disease. It often reduces the blood supply in certain parts of the body, which gets affected by the disease. Excitement and cold weather worsens the condition of the patient. Doctors often recommend the patient for several examinations to start the treatment properly. Measuring the digital artery pressure, recording of the full blood count, Doppler ultrasound, thyroid function tests, urea & electrolytes test are mainly recommended for these purposes. Screening of antibody, checking of the rheumatoid factor, checking the Erythrocyte sedimentation, tests for rheumatoid factor as well as C-reactive protein check is also done. These checks help to determine the cause properly. To identify the cause a doctor might also check nail fold vasculator.

Types Of Raynaud’s phenomenon:

Raynaud’s phenomenon includes the primary Raynaud’s known as Raynaud’s disease and the secondary Raynaud’s known as Raynaud’s syndrome. The measurement of hand-temperature gradient is a method of differentiating primary Raynaud’s from Secondary, Raynaud’s. However, primary Raynaud’s often advances to the secondary form. If the primary cause were identified then it would be easier to detect the other causes. This will help in the treatment of the patient.

Treatment Of Raynaud’s Phenomenon:

The treatment of the patient suffering from Raynod’s Phenomenon is based on the type of disease he is afflicted with. The treatment of Raynaud’s syndrome and Raynod’s disease is generally based on the main cause of the disease. Natural causes like vibration and cold should avoid by the patient. A person should wear warm clothes like heat bands or mittens at all times. The hormonal contraception that has low estrogen level is preferable. Pills are prescribed the doctor for progesterone. Smoking is strictly prohibited for the patients of Raynaud’s phenomenon.

Physicians also prefer drug therapy depending on the condition of the person. Drug therapy normally requires a blocker of calcium channel to stop arterioconstriction. Ankle edema, flushing and headache are the general side effects of this treatment. Generally the side effects do not hamper the treatment procedure. The Angiotensin II drug is preferred to nifedipine drug as it decreases the severity and frequency of the attack. Prazosin, which is an Alpha 1 adrenergic, blocking agent, is preferred for the treatment of Raynaud’s vasospasms. This should be practiced under the proper guidance of a health expert.

Doctors in some of the complicated cases have to perform operations for curing the patient. This is mainly in the cases of infusions of prostaglandins and sympathectomy. Leaves of Ginkgo biloba also might reduce the rate of attack. Gels of ascorbic acid and sodium nitrite also is effective if applied in a proper ratio

Advice For The Patients Of Raynaud’s Phernomenon:

The patients of this disease should avoid smoking as it deteriorates the condition of the patient. A person suffering from this disease should avoid cold. He should not go to any cold place. Anything that can make him excited should be kept away from him. He should not take part in any discussion that can heighten his mental stress.

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