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Pyelonephritis is a disease related to the kidney. It generally refers to the inflammation that occurs in the kidney. Bacterial infection may lead to such a problem and pyelonephritis is generally very painful and the feeling is unpleasant.

Generally people belonging to the middle age are affected by this problem, however in many cases it is seen that children are also affected. The pain is more in case of female members of the family. Diabetics should be more careful as it is seen that the presence of glucose in the blood are conducive for the growth of bacteria which leads to pyelonephritis.

Causes of Pyelonephritis

The most obvious cause of pyelonephritis is the presence of bacteria which enters the body through urethra. This is the tube through which urine passes. The bacteria can spread rapidly and can go upto the bladder and in the process it also affects the kidney as all of these are connected with each other.

As for the women the bacteria can enter the body during sexual intercourse. In many of the cases it is noted that pyelonephritis affected women have wiped the anal region from back to front and not otherwise as it is recommended by doctors.

If the man or the woman is in need of catheterisation the problem may occur. It is seen that if the urine flow is affected by any reason the bacteria tends to increase manifold and in the stagnant urine. If the prostate gland gets enlarged it can also lead to obstruction or kidney stones which are equally harmful. This problem is commonly seen in men. Obstruction of the urine can be very dangerous as bacteria tend to develop in the surface region. The bacteria spread very quickly and the kidney region is easily affected.

If a person does not have a strong immunity system the person may face such a problem. People suffering from cancer or diabetes are likely to be infected by such a disease. If a nerve is damaged or a spinal cord is affected it may hamper the sensations of the bladder which ultimately can lead to this kind of disease.

Symptoms of Pyelonephritis

There are many symptoms of pyelonephritis. Some of the indications which clearly pronounce that the person is affected are severe lion pains, high fevers which results in shivers, urine with blood, cloudy urine which has a foul smell, frequent urination and trouble while urinating, feeling of nausea and vomits.

In case of severe infections, there will be high temperature, seizures and shakes and the person can complain of tiredness. There can be night sweats or confusion as the general health of a person deteriorates. As for the children loss of hunger, irritation, frequent stomach upsets, bed-wetting are the most probable symptoms of pyelonephritis

Treatment of Pyelonephritis

Although one kidney alone is enough for the proper functioning of a body, still pyelonephritis is a serious medical problem and should be treated seriously. After a person is suspected to have such a problem urine culture is must to determine the presence of bacteria in the region.

After the test results are confirmed proper medication is a must which includes antibiotics. These antibiotics can kill the germs. Some of the drugs that are used to heal the problem are amoxicillin norfloxacin or ciprofloxacin.

In many of the cases the condition of the patient is so serious that they should be admitted to a hospital where intravenous therapy is applied for the betterment of the person. If men or children are affected which is rare then tests should be done to understand the conditions under which they are affected. X-rays and tests are done to see whether the kidney is functioning properly or not.

After the treatment is over which may take months, another urine culture is done to see whether the bacteria have been killed or not. A kidney specialist is to be consulted in case of severe problems. A urinary surgeon is to be consulted in certain cases where the problem is acute and if the person is detected with urologic abnormalities.

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