Lichen Planus
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Lichen planus is a dermatological inflammation that affects the skin and the mouth region. It may also affect the genital area of a person’s body. Both men and women are equally affected by this skin disease but the occurrences of oral LP are more prevalent in women than men.

It is a disease that attacks the middle aged adult population more than others. LP is basically an itchy rash that appears on the surface of the skin. On an average, 1 in every 50 people can contract this disease and in some rare instances, children and the elderly men can also get affected. The disease is not infectious by nature hence it can not be passed on to others by an infected person. The misconception about the disease being a form of cancer or an inherited one is baseless.

Lichen Planus Causes

The accurate cause of the disease remains unknown till date. However, there are many theories that aim to resolve the queries regarding its origin. The dermatologists think that it is a type of autoimmune disease.

Some people have the track record of developing lichen planus resembling rashes after taking high blood pressure drugs. Stooping the consumption of the drug has resulted in the disappearance of the lesions from the skin. This fact corroborates the belief of the dermatologists. In some other instances, some victims of the disease have also contracted Hepatitis C.

Symptoms Lichen Planus

This disease is often confused with other skin ailments that have similar symptoms like psoriasis. But Lichen Planus does not run in families and is not related to stress like the other disease. The skin lesions caused by the disease bear some unique traits that helps the doctors identify and differentiate the disease. The skin rashes caused by the malady are pinkish in hue and they are flat topped.

Their size varies between 3 to 5 mm. The surface of the scars reflects light. If the spots are examined closely, inconsistent streaks of white color can be seen in them. The white streaks are known as Wickham's striae. They can also occur in the mouth of an afflicted person. They lead to soreness in the mouth and eating spicy and hot food becomes an ordeal for an affected person.

The Lichen planus can also attack the scalp of a person. Such a person suffers from hair loss as his hair follicles are destroyed. The nails can get damaged and become thinner in such cases.

Lichen Planus Cure

The treatment of the skin disease varies according to the type of contamination. If the skin patches do not cause any itchiness to the afflicted person then he may not require any treatment. But if the patches give the sensation of itchiness then the affected person can use skin soothing agents like emollient creams or calamine lotions.

Using natural remedies is a good alternative for treating skin problems. Therefore a person suffering from LP can use Oatmeal which is known for its soothing properties on the skin. A good quality Oatmeal based cream or lotion can be obtained from one’s pharmacist. Some doctors also recommend the application of steroid based creams in order to keep the inflammation under check.

If a person is suffering from skin rashes that has affected a large part of his body he may need specialized treatments. The doctors can recommend ultraviolet therapies or tablets to such a patient. In the majority of the cases, Lichen planus rashes take around a period of 9 months to get cured. But in some instances, the recovery period have been stretched to 2 years.

As the rashes heal, the spots caused by them turn darker and flatter and hence the color of the affected skin bears a different tone than the normal skin. People with dark skin witness noticeable change in skin color. The disease, once treated, usually do not recur for the majority of the people. People suffering from oral LP should refrain from consuming tobacco and alcoholic beverages.

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