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What Is Infertility?

There are many couples in the world who experience infertility at one time of their life. Sometimes this infertility lasts only for a year. But in some cases the condition is very dreadful. It may last for a longer period of time. Infertility can be primary or even secondary.

A couple is unable to achieve pregnancy if suffering from primary infertility. Couples suffering from secondary infertility face difficulty in conceiving for the second time. Previously they did not face any problems but due to some complication the couple face with the problem of infertility.

Infertility is also caused due to the psychological reason. Couples who are deliberately trying to conceive become so stressed that their mental state increases the sexual dysfunction. Infertile couples have to cope up with marital displeasure as they find it very difficult to conceive and are also under constant medical pressure. Infertility often leads to clinical depression.

Women experiencing infertility are constantly under some sort of mental pressure of stress. Women tend to feel constantly under pressure if facing the infertility problem. With the advancement in the field of medicine the infertility in a person is easily rectified. Let us have a look at the factors that are responsible for causing infertility both in men and women.

Causes of Infertility

Any form of disorders in the sperm leads to infertility in the male. Apart from this there are various other factors that are responsible for infertility. They are side effects of illness, testicular injury and genetic disorders. Excessive use of alcohol and drugs can also lead to infertility among males.

Sometimes infections that have been passed on sexually are also responsible for causing infertility. The exact reason behind infertility has not been identified till date. There are various causes, which together leads to infertility. Infertility can be reduced if smoking and drinking is stopped or reduced to a certain extent.

Infertility can be reduced greatly if one indulges in doing exercise regularly. Exercises increases the flow of the blood within the body, which in turn helps in obtaining erection while one, indulges in some form of sexual activity. Proper food habits should be maintained. The mind should be kept totally free from stress.

One can include a lot of vegetables and fruit in their diet. Healthy diet increases the immunity system of the body, which in turn helps in resolving the case of infertility. Vitamins A, C and E are responsible for the production of some healthy sperm, which is a good sign of eradicating infertility. Doctors advise the patients to be stress free and indulge in regular sexual activity.

infertility Treatment

Doctors recommend treatment only after getting to the root of the cause. If the patient faces problem with the ovulation then medicines are administered for the stimulation of the ovaries. Sometimes surgeries are also performed to rectify the problem. Various methods are adopted to help the couple in conceiving a child.

It can be either through artificial insemination or vitro fertilization. Infertility simply refers to the situation when one of the couple fails to contribute for conceiving a child. If a woman is unable to complete the full term pregnancy that situation is also referred to as infertility. There are various causes of infertility, which can be rectified with proper medical guidance.

There are various factors, which leads the doctors to refer a couple as infertile. A couple is considered to be infertile if they are unable to conceive even after 12 months of intercourse. During this period they do not adopt any form of contraceptive. Women who are below 34 years of age should conceive if she indulges in sexual intercourse without any birth control protection. The female is told to be infertile if she is unable to carry the full term pregnancy.

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dear doctor, i am 33 yrs married a year ago. last month i had ectopic pregnancy and the left tube was removed. i heard this problem has a possibility in my next pregnancy. so please give me your suggestions and help me out of this problem. what type of food, exercises/yoga to be done and also prescribe me some medications. is it good for me to go for test tube baby. please suggest and give me your answer on my mail [email protected] thank you.
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