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Facts of Indigestion

Indigestion is a common problem that is experienced by most of the people. In case of acute indigestion a pain is experienced in the upper portion of the abdomen. It is also referred as dyspepsia and is caused due to the inflammation of the stomach walls. Ulcers, irregular bowels and stones in the gall bladder also lead to indigestion.

Apart from these there are various factors such as stress, excessive smoking and consumption of alcohol, which leads to indigestion. An improper food habit is also another reason for indigestion. Doctors suggest that people who are overweight also have a tendency of suffering from indigestion.

In order to avoid indigestion one should develop the habit of eating at regular intervals but in small proportions. Rushing over the meals also leads to indigestion. Intake of spicy and fatty food should be kept to the minimum.

It would be better that should avoid fried food. The main cause for indigestion is eating the food at a very fast pace. Food, which is high in fat content, should be avoided as far as possible. People who have the tendency of suffering from indigestion should develop a habit of maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Accumulation of excessive acid in the stomach leads to indigestion. Another main cause of indigestion is overeating.

Indigestion Symptoms

The stomach is unable to function properly if it is filled beyond its capacity and this leads to indigestion. A person suffers from indigestion when he/she feels a burning sensation in the stomach. Some even experience nausea. Uncontrollable burping is also associated with indigestion.

A person also experiences heartburn and bloating of the stomach. Some feel feverish during this period. Due to the presence of acids a bitter taste is experienced in the mouth. A constant rumbling sensation is felt in the stomach. Indigestion causes a lot of discomfort. Indigestion is also caused due to some medication. People react in a different manner to certain medicines.

How to cure Indigestion

Sometimes the pain in the upper portion of the stomach is so severe that it is often confused with heart attack. Stomach pain is the most common cause of indigestion. Passing of excessive wind is also an indication of the problem. People who very often suffer from the problem of indigestion should take medical help.

With proper medical care the formation of the acid can be reduced. Sometimes indigestion occurs due to the presence of ulcer in the stomach. If with proper medication the ulcer is cured then indigestion can also be controlled to a certain extent. The speed with which one eats food is also responsible for causing indigestion.

Indigestion is accompanied with heartburn. During indigestion the acid that is present in the stomach comes up and creates an activity in the esophagus. The esophagus is the tube through which food is carried to the stomach. This throwing of acid leaves a bitter taste in the patient’s mouth.

This problem is faced by both grownups and kids. But kids should not be administered any medicines without any medical guidance. Adults can take medicines that are related to indigestion without medical advice. Smoking and drinking should be avoided as much as possible to avoid indigestion. They help in making the matter more worse. Stress is also related to indigestion.

There is no need to get medical help if one suffers from indigestion after eating and drinking in excessive quantity. But if it occurs even after leading a healthy lifestyle then it would be better to consult a doctor. The doctor might then suggest various tests. X-rays of the stomach are done to find out the real reason behind indigestion.

Any problem in the digestive tract also causes indigestion. If a person experiences weight loss, throws up blood while vomiting, looses appetite, feel breathless, sweats without any reason, and experiences a bad stomach ache along with irregular bowel movements should consult the doctor immediately as the case may not be just indigestion.

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i am gastric patient.even during the morning walk air is coming constant intervel fm my mouth{dhakar in punjabi}.and some time i have muscl or vein vibration in my entire body at diffrent places and fm last one yr it is either on one side of body fm upper to lower part or some time on th left side even during this time when i feel slowness in the part i hv to join toilet immediately and relaxed after ten to 15 min .
i am regularly went for a walkand yoga and taking ocid 20 regularly but not completely come out from this problem .i take 2 drink some time in 3 t 4 daysintervel
#1 - yadvinder singh - 05/06/2009 - 22:42
I am 71 years old having developed indigestion since one year. I do not smoke,drink alcohol. I do not take medicines, take excess food and fat food. I have no stomach ache, vomiting. But the only problem is the anus becomes tight and stool comes out like balls after great effort. I have no stomach ache but gas is formed in the stomach and comes out during this period. I used aurvedic powers number of times for free motion. After using the powers I used to have free motion and feels happy for some time. After ten or fifteen days the problem is repeating and finding difficult because of irregular motion. I may be suggested proper medicines to get ride of this problem. Thank you.
#2 - reddy gade - 10/04/2013 - 21:33
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