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What is Impotence?

The term erectile dysfunction is generally referred as impotence. Many men, while indulging in sexual activity are often unable to achieve the erection that is necessary for achieving the pleasure from sexual intercourse. They are either unable to achieve the erection or sustain the erection necessary for the intercourse. One out of every ten men is affected by impotency.

There are various reasons as why men suffer from impotency. The reasons can either be physical or psychological. Sometimes the patient suffers from both the reasons. Many a times it is only a temporary phase that happens due to stress or fatigue. Excessive consumption of alcohol is also one of the main reasons behind temporary impotency.

Impotence Causes

Apart from drinking and stress there are various other medical reasons for men suffering from impotency. The physical causes that are responsible for temporary impotency are high blood pressure, thyroid, diabetes, and surgery of the pelvic region, problems that are related with kidney and nerves as well as excessive drinking. Medications sometimes lead to impotency. Sometimes a man who is mentally very disturbed also suffers from impotency.

Depression and worries often leads to nonperforming of sexual activities. Sometimes blood flow of the arteries is hampered due to some medicines or surgery, which in turn leads to impotency. Impotency in older en is cause as they often have lower levels of testosterone, which of course can be rectified with hormone replacement therapy.

Impotence Treatment

The treatment varies as per the cause. The person should try to share their problem along with partner so that even if there is some physical problem then it can be treated. Sexual counseling’s are also offered to help men come out this problem. The medical treatments that are given on this ground include penile implants, intra-urethral pellet therapy or some form of oral medication.

The level of impotency can be reduced if one tries to avoid excessive smoking as well as drinking. One should exercise regularly, develop good eating habits and try to get plenty of rest. Adequate rest reduces tension, which in turn is helpful in reducing he risk of impotency.

Instead of ignoring the situation or totally avoiding it one should take the medicinal help or even consult a psychologist. Impotency is one of the most common ailment that many men suffer from at one time or the other. Many suffer from this only for a short duration.

Men belonging to any age group can suffer from this problem but men who are above 65 years of age commonly suffer from this problem. The problem can be treated ay any age There are quite a number of treatments that help to overcome this situation and maintain a healthy sexual life.

The treatment is given to the patients depending upon the causes. Depending upon the causes that patient is advised to bring their weight under control, change their existing life style and also indulge in various types of exercises.

Medicines are also given to improve the blood circulation in the pelvic region. If impotency is the result of any injury then it can be rectified through surgery. The abnormality is recognized when a person is unable to maintain an erection, which is necessary to maintain a healthy sexual life. There are various other ways through which one can find out if a person is impotent.

Sometimes people experience full erection even when asleep. This gives the person an indication that all the body parts are functioning normally but it does not indicate that if one does not experience any erection while sleeping does not make him impotent.

Sometimes unable to obtain an erection is also an indication of a person’s underlying ill health. People suffering from diabetes also have a problem in maintaining full erection during the sexual activity. Cardio-vascular problem also leads to impotency.

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