Impetigo Disease
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Many people suffer from skin infection, which is known as impetigo. It is a highly infectious disease and is very contagious. This disease affects mostly babies and small children. It is caused due to the presence of bacteria namely streptococcal. It mainly occurs when the baby has a few mosquito bites or even nappy rash

During this time the skin’s defense mechanism is not at its full and hence the skin falls prey to various kinds of skin diseases. It is able to penetrate the skin and thus an infection is developed. When a baby suffers from the skin disease small blisters are seen on the affected area especially hands and face.

Symptoms of Impetigo Disease

The babies suffer from the impetigo disease quite often. When a baby suffers from this disease there are small red spots that appear on the surface of the skin. These red spots appear on the mainly appear on the hands, face or neck portion. Sometimes other areas of the body are affected.

The spots mostly appear on the nappy region. The spots are either merged or are clustered together. The centre of the spot develops into a blister. After a few days it bursts and a golden fluid oozes out of the blister. These clusters create an itching sensation. If the disease is left untreated then new clusters are formed and it really causes discomfort to the patient.

Prevention of Impetigo Disease

If hands are washed regularly and good hygiene is maintained then impetigo can be avoided. Babies should be given bath regularly. Any injured part, such as cuts and bug bites of the should be taken care of and the baby should not be allowed to scratch regularly.

Any cuts and injuries should be washed and cleaned regularly. People who are suffering from impetigo should take care that the fingernails are kept short and clean. The sores should be covered with gauze and tape so that the fluid does not infected other parts of the body and more infections are not caused.

It is advisable to use antibacterial soap. One can also use paper towels instead of towels and cloth napkins till impetigo is totally cured. If possible separate set of bed linen and towels should be used.

The doctor should be consulted as soon as the symptom of the disease is noticed. If the skin does not show signs of healing up after 3 days the doctor should be contacted. If the patient suffers from fever then, medical help should be taken immediately.

Diagnosis and Treatment of The Impetigo Disease

The baby should be taken to the doctor as soon as small red marks starts appearing on the body. It should be confirmed from the doctor when the rashes are infectious or not. Antibiotic treatment is necessary for the eradication of the disease. Doctors prescribe some particular medicines.

The skin should not be touched as it might spread the impetigo. After the application of the medicine the hands should be washed properly. Care should be taken that the affected area is totally dry and clean. The baby should not be allowed to share the towels with any body else in the family. The baby’s clothes should be properly washed with disinfectants.

If treated properly then impetigo gets cured within a weeks’ time. The disease can be caused due to the presence of the bacteria streptococcus or staphylococcus. If the rashes are caused due to the presence of streptococcus then the blisters burst and wet patches are formed on the skin.

After sometime these patches also ooze out liquid. If the disease is caused by the staphylococcus then large-sized blisters are formed. They too contain liquid but bursts at a later stage. If good hygiene is maintained then the disease can be prevented to a large extent. These rashes mainly occur when the skin is scratched continuously and the bacteria are able to enter the skin, as the skin is very delicate.

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