Headache In Children
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Facts of Headache In Children

Head ache is the acute feeling of pain in any position of head. Any person from any age groups may have to face this ailment and this thing becomes complicated in the case of children, as they can’t express iCan word what discomfort they are actually feeling.

This is the reason why Head ache in children needs to be treated with care and caution. It has been detected that almost every children suffers from this aliment once in a year. Not only the pain in the head can be interpreted as a head ache but the pain in the neck or upper back position of neck can be delineated as a headache. Though headache

Causes of Headache In Children

Tensions and anxieties are some of the common causes behind the occurrence of headache in children. Encephalitis and meningitis can also cause head ache, as it is the common symptom of these diseases. If a child is suffering from high fever, he can feel a mild head ache. Sometimes, when a child is sick or is suffering from other kinds of pain he/she can be plagued by this ailment. Toothache, problem in eyesight and sinusitis are some of the aliments that ultimately cause head ache. Though migraine usually attacks adult personals, sometimes children have to face this acute pain.

It is an accepted fact that internal problem in brain may cause head ache, yet in most cases the cause is not so severe. Intracranial pressure, serious injury in head and brain tumor can also become the cause of severe pain in head. If a child is suffering from a head ache because of this reason, he needs immediate medical attention. Head ache can also be caused due to the side effect of some drugs.

Symptoms of Headache In Children

Symptoms of Head ache in children are difficult to perceive because they cannot express in proper words what discomfort they are feeling. If a child is feeling a head ache that is increasing gradually and creates a continuous pressure in and around the head, then it will be due to tension and anxiety. This headache is usually treated by encouraging the child to rest and lead a stress free life.

This aliment is associated with vomiting and visual problems. If a child is vomiting after waking in the morning then one needs to take care of this. Frequent fever, numbness, stiffness of neck and skin rash are some of the other symptoms that accompany headache in children.

Types of Headache In Children

Head ache in children can be divided in to five parts: myogenic, inflammatory, traction, vascular and cervicogenic. When the muscles of neck and face in a head ache are constrained it is known myogenic. Tension is the major cause of this particular type of head ache. Infection in sinus and mild stroke are factors associated with inflammatory head ache. Migraine is the common type of vascular headache. This head ache is very severe and is generally associated with problem in stomach. Cervicogenic head ache originates from the disorder in the neck. It can cause intense pain as well as discomfort in a child.

Treatment for Headache In Children

Head ache in children does not require a special treatment and usually rest as well as a healthy lifestyle can cure this malaise. Some painkillers, for examples acetaminophen and paracetamol, can be applied to deal with this ailment. Ibuprofen and Acetylsalicylic acid can also be applied to relieve a patient from the acute of pain of head ache. Sometimes practitioners suggest parents to note down all the details pertained related to headache. This can help a doctor to trace out the exact cause of head ache. If a child is suffering from migraine, anti-emetic drugs can be applied to restrict its severe symptom.


It has been observed that almost 95% of children are affected by this ailment and that is why this ailment has to be treated with care. Message therapy can do a fantastic job. This can be used to reduce the frequent arrival of this ailment in children. Herbal preventive treatment can be applied to reduce the severeness of migraine. It is best not to administer any painkillers to the child as it may result in intense discomfort. As children can’t express properly what they are feeling when they are suffering for head ache, medical advice needs to be taken if the suffering does not reduce in a few hours time.

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