Haemospermia (blood in the semen)
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Haemospermia (blood in the semen) is a condition that can give many men sleepless nights. Though it may appear scary, the persons suffering from it should not make any conclusion before consulting the doctor and going through a through medical test. It may or may not hint at some underlying ailment.

When semen is secreted from the human body it has a creamy white color. But when this natural color is substituted by reddish hue or if the semen is stained with blood, the condition is called haemospermia. The shade may even be a bit brownish but it indicates the presence of some anomaly in the person’s body which a medical examination can reveal.

Causes ofHaemospermia (blood in the semen)

This problem makes the men really anxious and in most of the instances the root cause can not be traced. In some cases, the cause is said to be unobserved trauma to the perineum or the testis. It has been observed that many victims of the ailment had undefined swelling of the urethra or prostrate prior to showing the symptoms of haemospermia.

It can also stem from some forceful sexual activity that irritates the pubic region. When the genital tract of a person is infected, he can show this symptom along with a host of allied signs like groin tenderness, low back pain, scrotal swelling or tenderness and pain on ejaculation etc. Most of the victims of Haemospermia (blood in the semen) experience it once, but there are others for whom it becomes a chronic disturbance.

For the persistent recurrence of the ailment no particular cause has been found till date. According to a belief, the irregularity in one’s blood clotting procedure can lead to the occurrence of this disease. If the prostrate gland of a person develops stone, he may become a victim of the malady.

As a matter of fact, men below 40 usually do not have any significant root cause. However, men on the other side of 40s who have faced the situation more than once should go for detained observation.

Diagnosis and Treatment of Haemospermia (blood in the semen)

The disease generally impacts men post their 30s though it can not be said that men from other age groups are not at risk. It cannot be prevented from happening always but if the cause is detected taking preventive measures become easier. In most of the instances, Haemospermia (blood in the semen) isnot severe. Therefore, it does not need any particular treatment apart from proper medical advices and counseling.

If the doctors can find an underlying cause, such as an inflammation or infection they can provide treatments for curing them. For treating the instances of infection, the physicians often recommend antibiotic medicines for a short duration.

The treatments can have some side effects. The majority of the antibiotic medicines can result in allergic reactions in a person. He might also face cases of stomach problems and headaches. The surgeries that need to be performed in some instances can cause infection, bleeding and allied complications.


The treatments also do not guarantee that the condition will not reappear. If the ailment is caused by some blood related problems then treating that may yield better results. It would be advisable for a man who has suffered from the disease to monitor his semen for future occurrences of bleeding. If he sees any alteration, it should be reported to the doctor.

He also needs to remember the various factors of his ailment such as the time the bleeding commenced and the number of times blood appeared in his semen. Similarly, he has to keep count of the times he had sex recently. The doctors may also ask him about any previous track record of a sexually transmitted ailment. He also needs to observe if his urine also contains blood as it may point to some other disease. The overall sex life of the person is something that needs to be scanned.

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I have had blood in my semen discharge consistenly over the last number of years.
Because of the sensitivity of the condition, I have not sought medical attention.
I'm guessing if it was cancer I'd be dead by now.
Given the length of time my condition has continued, what possible conditions are causing this..?
What kind of treatment would I need.??
#1 - Mike - 02/05/2009 - 15:31
Im 20 today it was third time i noticed that i have some blood present in my semen. I m so scared about it. Wat may be the reason?
#2 - Nirvay - 12/22/2011 - 15:05
earlier i found black colour in my semen and (after six months ) when masterbated semen was in red condotion
#3 - krishan kumar - 09/21/2013 - 03:30
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