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Haemorrhoids happen when a person develops swelling or cist in his anus and rectum. The inflammations of veins in those regions lead to the formation of this ailment. While a large number of people are affected by it, very few of them actually seek treatment.

Causes of Haemorrhoids

If a person strains his anus and rectum during bowel movements due to diarrhea and constipation, he can develop Haemorrhoids. Some women become its victim when they undergo constipation as a result of water retention during menstruation. There are some other reasons that can lead to the formation of Haemorrhoids.

Hypertension is a condition that can lead to this disorder. People, who become overweight, need to give more pressure to the rectal vein during bowel movement. If an obese person sits for prolonged durations he can develop hemorrhoids.

Women during pregnancy suffer from hypertension and therefore tend to give pressure to the rectal veins. This can also lead to the development of hemorrhoids in their body. In some instances, consuming too much caffeine or alcohol can cause this disease.

Symptoms of Haemorrhoids

The main problems caused by this disease are physical and take place in the rectum. As a matter of fact, hemorrhoids are not fatal and they heal on their own within a few days of appearing. It has been observed that many people suffering from the disease do not feel the symptoms.

The most prevalent symptoms of this ailment are red blood on the stool or on the toilet bowl. The symptoms of the external haemorrhoids include a stiff lump near the anus or painful swelling. Too much rubbing or straining near the anus area may result in itching and bleeding.

Consuming inadequate fluid can result in hard stool or persistent constipation that may lead to the development of haemorrhoidal irritation in a person’s body. In addition to that, if a person has too much lactic acid in the stool or if he intakes a lot of dairy products he can feel itching during bowel movements. Another important cause is the deficit of Vitamin E.

Types of Haemorrhoids

This can be divided broadly into 2 categories, external and internal Haemorrhoids. The external haemorrhoids appear at the end of the anal passage. They can be really painful and may also cause irritation and swelling. These are also more vulnerable to thrombosis.

On the other hand, the internal haemorrhoids are not so much painful and some people can not understand that they exist. They appear inside the rectum passage. However, they may cause bleeding when they are irritated. If an internal haemorrhoid is left untreated they can turn into strangulated haemorrhoids and prolapsed hemorrhoids.

Treatments of Haemorrhoids

There are several types of preventive measures and remedial steps that people affected by the ailment can take. The consumption of fruits can help an affected person to keep the conditions at bay that cause haemorrhoids.

The probiotic foods like yoghurt are helpful in this context. There is no specific cure for this disease but the application of certain products like medicated creams in the initial stages can really help. However, one should not use creams that contain steroids as they can further add to the swelling.

There are some people who opt for natural treatments. However, the natural medications should not be undertaken without the doctor’s recommendation. The dietary supplements and herbs that aid in firming the vein walls can be used. Some such herbs are Horse-chestnut, Butcher's Broom, Bilberry extract, Japanese Pagoda Tree secretions etc.

They contain powerful anti inflammation agents that can provide relief to a person suffering from swelling in the rectum region. Some natural soothing agents and natural astringents like Aloe Vera, Witch hazel and honey can also be used to treat such cases. Consuming chamomile tea is another option in this context. People suffering from haemorrhoids triggered by poor vein condition can practice sleeping with their legs in an elevated posture. They can also start using the squat toilets.

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