Breast Cancer
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Breast cancer is caused when malignant cancer cells occur in the breast’s tissues. The DNA of these cancer cells gets damaged and it results in an uncontrolled division of the cells. This results in an accumulation of the cells and it creates a lump in the breast. The malignant cells invade the surroundings of the tissues of the breast. Often the primary lump breaks and the malignant cells spread in the lymph channels or in the blood stream.

These malignant cells through the blood stream pass to other organs and create secondary lumps. Breast cancer is a very common type of disease that occur one in 9 women. The most common form of breast cancer is invasive ductal carcinoma and occurs from ducts. However, breast cancers can be cured if an early diagnosis can be done.

Causes of Breast Cancer

The exact causes of breast cancer are yet to be known. However, doctors have pointed out some risk factors that may be a reason for the occurrence of breast cancers. It has been observed that breast cancers occur more in postmenopausal women. So, it has been assumed that old age can be a reason for breast cancer. Besides, women having a family history with breast cancer are prone to breast cancers.

Doctors associate it with the mutation of the inherited genes. Besides, breast cancers may also be caused because of late pregnancy. Breast cancers may even be caused because of early starting of periods. It can also be cause because of late menopause. Breast cancer may also be caused because of excessive weight. Besides, excessive drinking of alcohol can also cause breast cancer. Besides, breast cancer can also be caused because of prolonged exposure to hormone replacement therapy.

Breast Cancer Symptoms

A woman suffering from breast cancer will face different symptoms. However, in case of mild cancer, often a woman will not be aware of the symptoms. However, the main symptom of breast cancer involves a change in the texture and the look of the breast. Another symptom of breast cancer is the formation of lumps in the breast or the thickening of the breast’s tissues.

Another symptom of breast cancer is discharge of fluid from the breast. Another symptom of breast cancer is some unusual appearance on the breast. Besides, another symptom of breast cancer is the tethering of the breast’s skin, as if the skin of the breast is being pulled from inside. However, the most important symptom of breast cancer is the occurrence of pain or sensation in the breast.

Breast Cancer Treatment

There is no easy and quick treatment for breast cancer. Doctors suggest prolonged course of treatment for this disease. The doctors often combine different methods of treatment to get the most effective results. There are different treatments of breast cancers like chemotherapy, surgery, radiotherapy or hormonal therapy. However, the doctors choose a particular type of treatment depending upon a number of factors.

The doctors will start a particular treatment after ensuring the stage and condition of the tumor. Besides, they will also find if there is any existence of any secondary tumors. Besides, they will also check the receptor status of the cancer. The doctors will also ensure the health of the patient before starting a treatment. Besides, before starting the treatment the doctor will also check the menopausal status of the patient.

The doctors may use different methods to treat a woman suffering from breast cancer. Sometimes doctors may use surgery to remove the tumor. Often doctors use chemotherapy along with surgery to make the treatment more effective. The doctors may use chemotherapy before surgery to reduce the size of the tumor.

There are times when the doctors use chemotherapy after surgery. This is done in order to prevent the reoccurrence of the tumor and to destroy any minute tumors that could not be removed by surgery. However, breast tumors can also be cured by using radio therapy or hormonal therapy. However, the doctors will choose that method of treatment that he considers best for this patient.

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