Back Curve
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For doing anything human beings depend on their spine, and therefore Back curves can be a major cause of worry for many people. If the spine has to undergo excessive pressure or load, its shape is affected. As a consequence its ability to work also suffers. This not only affects the mobility of a human being but has an adverse effect on his/her posture too.

The spine is the pillar on which the human body rests. It holds the weight of the trunk and the head and also serves as a defensive passage for the nerves. It consists of 33 uneven shaped bones or the vertebrae. Each of them contains a gap in the middle which houses the spinal cord. Each of the vertebrae is separated by soft material filled disks that serve the purpose of shock absorbers. When viewed from the side perspective, the spine of human body has two curves.

Causes of Back Curve

When the upper part of the spine gets curved excessively, the condition is called kyphosis. In this case, the back is more rounded than regular. Improper posture can lead to its formation over prolonged period. Apart from that, the diseases like osteoporosis and osteoarthritis also affect the spine adversely and cause back curves. However, it is still unknown why some children develop spine curvature.

When the lower back part of the spine is curved inward excessively, it is called lordosis. People who are obese often develop this condition. They have big belly leading to imbalance. Therefore, to maintain balance such a person is forced to lean backwards. In some instances, the occurrences of kyphosis due to poor posture may lead to the development of lordosis.

If the spine is curved to the side the condition is called scoliosis. This usually happens in the lower back or the upper chest part. No causes for its occurrence have been found. It happens more in women than men and in most of the cases, it runs in the family. If a person is born with two unequal legs this may lead to the curvature of the spine. In some rare cases, some kids get congenital scoliosis right from their birth.

Symptoms of Back Curve

The Back curves can cause muscle aches and muscular strain. If a person is afflicted with scoliosis he or she might develop an unusual walking pattern. Scoliosis is a disorder that may evade the human eye in the initial years but it becomes visible as one grows up.

It may have psychological impacts upon the victim particularly if it happens at puberty. This is due to the fact that this unnatural curvature will make him the butt of ridicule in social arena. As a result there might be other psychological complications as reclusive behavior, unsocial behavior, and reluctance for social mingling among others.

Treatment of Back Curve

For people suffering from Back curves like lordosis and kyphosis, the implementation of physiotherapy can bring some relief. It aids in consolidating the muscles near the spine and rectifying improper postures. If one can maintain the ideal weight for his or her height, future problems can be evaded. In severe cases of scoliosis the affected person may have to wear a spinal brace. Sometimes a spinal surgery becomes the only choice for some patients.

For treating cases of kyphosis, the doctors recommend exercises coupled with anti-inflammatory drugs. It helps to fortify the hamstring and abdominal muscles of the afflicted person. For treating a child suffering from spine curvature, the physical therapy should be started at an early age, preferably before teenage.

In fact the sooner the physiotherapy is started the greater are the chances of the child for not ending up as a hunchback. Unless the physiotherapy is started before the age of 15 surgeries might be the only solution. However the success rate of the surgical procedure is much limited and hence is not ideally recommended.

To sum up the malady of back curve should be diagnosed at an early stage if possible. The patient should be asked to follow a regular fitness regime and follow a healthy lifestyle.

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i have a back curve. im not sure why. its not big and im pretty scared that it will become a bigger problem. my doctor has said that i will grow out of it when i have my growth spurt. but i already had my growth spurt. i hurt my back somehow while running in my cross country meet and my lower back muscles have weakened and cannot support my spine. so the weight has probably compressing my spine to curve... i'm only 15 years old and i always wanted to be in the track and field of the olympics.
#1 - Natalia - 04/11/2009 - 10:25
i suffer from arthritis in my hip which makes me lean to one side which has now made a curve in my spine and i suffer from backache most of the time but what worries me the most is i get pins and needles in my feet and dont know what this is can anyone help.
#2 - cheryl - 12/30/2011 - 17:50
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