Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)
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Gonorrhea is the most common STD all over the world. It is a condition that shows white mucus-like discharge from the male as well as female genitals, thus giving rise to the name. In olden days it was suspected that this discharge contained the sperm in males, and therefore it was named as gonorrhea, which literally meant 'flow of seed'. Even in Ayurveda it is named as piyumeha, which literally means the same thing. Among the urban population, gonorrhea is so rampant, that each year there are about 350,000 reported cases in the US alone. This figure does not include the people who do not report their condition and do self-medication. Also, since this disease is more rampant among the sexually active population of the world, it is found more in the younger generation. In this article, we discuss in detail about this common sexually transmitted disease.

Definition of Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)


Gonorrhea is a STD, i.e. Sexually Transmitted Disease. It can be transmitted through all forms of sexual contact with an infected person. The causative agent of gonorrhea is a bacterium named Neisseria gonorrheae.

The disease has become so popular in the sexually active population of the world, that several slang terms have been formulated in order to refer to it. Some of the common slang terms with which gonorrhea is referred to are ‘clap’ and ‘drip’.

The Sanskrit name for gonorrhea is piyumeha. This is derived from two root words – piyu meaning ‘pus’ and meha meaning ‘flow’. Hence according to Ayurveda , the main characteristic of piyumeha is the pus like discharge from the genital organs.

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Causes of Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)

Gonorrhea is a sexually transmitted disease, where the causative agent is the bacteria Neisseria gonorrheae. This bacterium is transmitted in the following ways:-

  • From an infected partner to another during sex – The bacterium causing gonorrhea can live in all the fluids of the body; hence gonorrhea can be transmitted through all kinds of contact during sex, i.e. oral, anal and vaginal.
  • From an infected mother to her baby during birth – This causes a kind of gonorrhea known as newborn gonorrhea which can be fatal to the child if not treated in time.

Ayurveda treats almost all infections as vata disorders, since it is the air element – vata – that carries the organisms that cause the infections. Due to this reason, even gonorrhea is considered to be a vata disorder.

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Gonorrhea Symptoms(Piyumeha)

Most cases of gonorrhea are asymptomatic, i.e. they show no perceivable symptoms at all. Gonorrhea symptoms are not seen in eight out of every ten infected women and one out of every ten infected men. As a result, the people who have no visible gonorrhea symptoms may feel they are not infected at all. Furthermore, symptoms in men are so mild that they may tend to ignore them thinking they are some minor problem of the genitals. However, gonorrhea symptomsmust be properly diagnosed and treated at the earliest because it can complicate into many severe issues.

The following are the symptoms of gonorrhea as observable in men and in women:-

(1) Gonorrheal symptoms in men:-

  • Frequency in urination, with a feeling of urgency
  • Pain during urination, with a burning sensation around the urethra
  • A discharge of white colored pus from the penis

(2) Gonorrheal symptoms in women:-

  • Bleeding even when there are no periods
  • Irregular periods with profuse bleeding while passing the menstrual discharge
  • A frequent urge to urinate
  • Pain during urination
  • Pain when having sexual intercourse, accompanied by bleeding
  • Swelling and tenderness at the external genitals, i.e. the vulva
  • Fever
  • Pain in the lower regions of the abdomen
  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Yellowish or greenish colored discharge of pus from the genitals

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Complications of Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)

The most serious – and also the scariest – complication of gonorrhea is that it can make the mucus membrane smooth enough to allow entry of the HIV. A person having gonorrhea has high chances of getting infected with this virus that causes AIDS.

However, there is an extremely alarming complication that can occur in women, called as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease. Sometimes the Neisseria gonorrheae moves up through the reproductive tract and reaches the fallopian tubes. If the woman gets fertilized with sperm after this, then the egg cell will not be able to get implanted in the uterus correctly. The implantation will take place in the fallopian tube itself, which is called as tubal or ectopic pregnancy. Surgery might be the only way to correct this situation, but even then, this mostly leads to a miscarriage. In severe conditions the life of the woman also could be threatened.

Similarly in men, the bacterium can move up to the testicles. Here the bacterium may lodge itself in the long coiled tube called as epididymis. This leads to a painful testicular condition known as epididymitis. If untreated, this can make the man impotent since the epididymis is where the sperm is stored before it is needed for an ejaculation.

The bacterium Neisseria gonorrheae can also enter the bloodstream. If that happens, then it would lodge itself in the joints, causing severe pain in the joints.

Last but not the least, if a woman with gonorrhea gives birth to the child, then there are very high chances that the baby is infected too. The prime centers for infection are the baby’s eyes. Doctors might use lunar caustic (silver nitrate) on the baby’s eyes immediately after infection to kill the bacterium. Even then, it could lead to the baby becoming blind. Otherwise the bacterium could be responsible in a blood or a joint infection in the baby.

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People who are at Risk of Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)

Gonorrhea is a highly infectious disease and hence it can make a large number of people its victims. The disease is found very commonly in the young population who indulge in unsafe sex with many partners. Having sex with a person whose medical history is not known is a very high risk of acquiring a gonorrheal infection. Men who visit prostitutes can get gonorrhea. However the chances can be reduced by using condoms. It is found that latex condoms are most effective in the prevention of gonorrhea, provided that they are used in the correct manner. Furthermore, infected men can infect their spouses at home, or other healthy prostitutes they visit, thus causing an epidemic risk.


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Diet for People with Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)

Since gonorrhea is a disease caused due to vata vitiation, it is extremely necessary to take an anti–vata diet in order to create the balance. The following are some important dietary guidelines for people who are suffering from gonorrhea:-

The diet must not be dry. Hence, roasted foods are out of the question. Instead foods that are cooked in a little fat (saturated) must be taken. Ghee must be used for the cooking.

There must be adequate fluids in the diet, but pulses must be avoided.

The food must be mild in taste. Hence pungent foods must be kept to a minimum.

People with gonorrhea can benefit if they take kanji, which is the water left behind when rice is cooked in it. This could be flavored with a dash of ghee made from cow’s milk.

Rice and milk are the preferable dietary constituents. It is very advantageous to have a glassful of milk before retiring to bed.

Barley and oats can be had along with the treatment mode that is being followed.

However, all cold foods must be avoided. Hence ice-creams and frozen foods are not to be taken.

Fruits must be consumed, but take care to consume foods which have a high water content.

Alcohol must be avoided.

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Ayurvedic Treatment of Gonorrhea (Piyumeha)

There are quite a few herbs when it comes to the Ayurvedic treatment of piyumeha, but the few herbs that are known have indeed highly curative properties for the condition. However, it is necessary to take these herbs in time to prevent the condition from becoming chronic.

The following are four of the most potent herbs that Ayurveda prescribed for the treatment of gonorrhea. The table also mentions their actions on the human body.

Ayurvedic Name of the Herb

Biological Name of the Herb

Common English Name of the Herb

Action on the Human Body


Acacia arabica

Arabic Acacia, Arabic Tree

The leaves of the babool tree have beneficial properties in the treatment of gonorrhea.

Bala or Beejbanda

Sida cordifolia

Country Mallow

The roots of the country mallow are used in the treatment of gonorrhea. An infusion of the roots is given in dosages of 0.5 to 2 drachmas for the treatment of gonorrhea. The herb can treat the vata imbalance which causes gonorrhea.


Tinospora cordifolia

Tinospora Gulancha

The Tinospora cordifolia is a very common creeper that grows parasitically on the neem tree. It is known for its astringent, antibacterial, antiviral and antifungal properties. Since gonorrhea is a bacterial disease, the herb has found widespread use in the Ayurvedic treatment of this disease since centuries. Also this herb can remove the vata imbalance due to which gonorrhea is caused.


Argyreia nervosa

Elephant Creeper

The bitter root of the little-known elephant creeper has beneficial properties in gonorrhea treatment if taken as an infusion. Alternatively, a tonic of the creeper can also be regularly taken.

The herbs mentioned above have been expertly mixed into preparations. These preparations contain just the right proportions of herbs so as not to produce major side effects. The following are some herbs that are effective in the treatment of Gonorrhea:-

Type of Preparation

Name of Preparation


Chandanasava, Saribadyarishta


Trivanga Bhasma


Chandanadi Choorna


Shata Dhouta Ghrita


Shatavari Lehya, which is taken after meals and before the bedtime


Piyumehantaka Rasa


Marma Gulika, Chandana Sara Taila in warm water, Shilajitadi Vati, Chandanadi Vati, Shatpatrayadi Vati

The above preparations are effective for acute gonorrhea, which is the more prevalent type of gonorrhea. But if the gonorrhea develops into a chronic condition, then the following preparations are beneficial:-

Type of Preparation

Name of Preparation


Saribadyarishta, Chandanasava


Shringa Bhasma, Vanga Bhasma, Naga Bhasma, Yasada Bhasma


Chopachini Choorna


Vasthya Mayantaka Ghrita, Salmali Ghrita, Varahayadi Ghrita


Amrasa Rasayana, Shatavari Lehya


Brihat Vangeshwara Rasa, Rasakarpooradi Rasa, Kshirabala


Chandanadi Vati, Chandraprabha Vati

It must be borne in mind that while taking any Ayurvedic preparation, the doctor must be consulted first. Most of the herbs do not have any side-effects (and are indeed a regular part of the diet), but some people may be allergic to certain herbs and may show adverse reactions.


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