Acne (Yauvan Pidika)
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Yauvan Pidika or acne vulgaris is one of the most popular health problems faced by adolescent teenagers. Most teenagers are quite conscious about their looks. Since acne appears on the face itself, it becomes a big concern. Teenagers all over the world spend huge amounts of money in order to solve the problem of their acne. But what they only manage to do is to reduce the surface problem, while the acne persists under the skin. Therefore, the acne problem recurs throughout the youth of the person. Here Ayurveda has an important role. Ayurveda treats acne at the root of the problem and not at the surface.


Definition of Acne (Yauvan Pidika)


Acne vulgaris is an inflammatory disorder of the skin. The problem originates from the root of the hair follicles where they are associated with sebaceous glands. Such structures are called as pilosebaceous glands. When the blood circulating in these glands is impure, then it causes eruptions on the surface of the skin. These eruptions are commonly called as pimples or zits.

It has been proved that yauvan pidika is caused due to an excessive production of the male hormone, testosterone. Since this hormone is present in both males and well as females, acne is a universal problem. There is no particular trend to predict whether acne shows itself more in boys or in girls. Generally, every person entering into puberty will have a case of acne in some form or the other. This issue mostly resolves itself as age advances, but again some people continue having acne right into their middle age.

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Causes of Acne (Yauvan Pidika)

Yauvan pidika is an internal constitutional disorder of the body. It is not an infectious or a contagious disease. Therefore, this problem is not caused due to microorganisms. The cause lies with the general constitution of the person.

According to Ayurveda, the main cause of yauvan pidika is an increased vata and kapha dosha in the person. An increase in the rakta and medha dhatu also can cause yauvan pidika. Ayurveda believes that yauvan pidika is a disease that is caused due to improper diet and other internal factors. A list of the factors that can cause yauvan pidika is given below:-

(i) An improper diet is the chief cause of yauvan pidika. A person who has anah (simple constipation) and ajirna (indigestion) regularly has more chances of yauvan pidika. Similarly people who like spicy (teekha) food, sugary or oily food can have yauvan pidika.

(ii) Faulty eating methods can cause yauvan pidika. Some of the notable faulty eating methods are:-

a) AdhyashanaConsuming food at short intervals, due to which new food enters the body when the previous food is not digested.

b) VirudhashanaConsuming incompatible foods together such as fish and milk, curds and milk, etc.

c) VishamashanaConsuming food with disregard to the bodily cravings, such as eating when not hungry or fasting when hungry.

(iii) Having more sexual desires in adolescence can lead to yauvan pidika. This is because increased sexual desires lead to overproduction of testosterone.

(iv) Deficiency of vitamin A (retinol) can cause yauvan pidika.

(v) Women who have menstrual problems, such as irregular or delayed periods, can have yauvan pidika. Generally all women do have mild acne problems during their menstrual cycles, which becomes more if the periods are delayed.

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Symptoms of Acne (Yauvan Pidika)

The symptoms of acne are common in all people. The following points show how the outbreak begins:-

(i) In the beginning stages, there are small pimples or zits that appear on the face. These pimples are observed more in the pores on the face, because they are the external openings of the sebaceous glands. Apart from that, the pimples can also appear on the shoulders, arms, back and chest.

(ii) On the face, the pimples are more observed on the cheeks, forehead, nose and the chin. Pimples can be painless, or they can be itchy with pain.

(iii) The pimples may appear as small pinheads, which grow with time. Pus may develop in them and the pimples become hard. If pus develops, then the pimples get a yellow color on the surface.

(iv) In a couple of days, the pimples erupt and dry off. This leaves behind a pockmark, which causes disfiguration of the face.

(v) During an outburst of acne, the face becomes oily. The person may be depressed due to the eruptions on the face. There is also increased sweating on the face, making the whole face look more undesirable.

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Diet for Acne (Yauvan Pidika)

The following diet is beneficial for people who have problems with acne:-

(i) Eat food that is suitably warm. Avoid cold foods.

(ii) Do not eat foods that are not compatible with each other.

(iii) Keep a suitable time gap between meals. A complete meal can take anywhere between three to four hours for digestion. It is not good to eat anything else within this timeframe.

(iv) Oily foods must be avoided. More abstinence from oily foods is needed in the summer season, or if you are living in a hot climate.

(v) Do not gorge on spicy and sugary food. Keep your diet a perfect balance of foods with different tastes.

(vi) Consume proper amounts of green leafy vegetables. This will provide the cellulose for roughage, which takes care of proper movement of bowels.

(vii) Include a fair amount of fresh fruits in your diet. This will build up proper water content in your body, which will make the blood purer.

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Precautions to be Taken with Acne (Yauvan Pidika)

Yauvan pidika can be treated very simply by just taking a few dietary and mental precautions. If a person has a case of yauvan pidika, then the following precautions must be taken:-

(i) Observe the dietary regulations given above.

(ii) A daily bath is essential. Special attention should be paid to the face. Wash the face with water and mild soap at least twice a day, and once after returning home from outside. After each washing, rub the body with a towel to remove the dead cells from the surface of the body.

(iii) Expose the skin to fresh air and sunlight often. This will help in opening the pores on the skin and lead to better circulation.

(iv) Indulge in constructive activities like exercise and studies in the youth. This will prevent thoughts of sex entering into the mind.

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Best Treatment for Acne (Yauvan Pidika)

Best Acne Treatment

Ayurveda has several treatment methods for yauvan pidika with the promise of long-lasting results. Ayurveda attacks the root cause of the disease. This is achieved by the intake of a proper nutritive and balanced diet. There are many more home remedies that Ayurveda prescribes for yauvan pidika. Given below are some of them.

(i) Applying jamun (Syzgium cumini) seeds rubbed with water on the pimples will reduce the growth of the pimples.

(ii) Squash a properly ripened and soft papaya in water. Massage the whole face with this paste. The paste will begin drying up after about fifteen to twenty minutes. At this juncture, wash the face with clean water and wipe it with a rough towel. Then apply either sesame or coconut oil on the face. Continuation of this procedure for a week will help a lot in removing the pimples and their residual marks from the face. Apart from that, the face will look moister and get a youthful sheen.

(iii) Rubbing the face with the peel of an orange also shows good results.

(iv) One more method of combating pimples is to wash the face with buttermilk at least twice a day.

(v) Make a paste of 10 grams of besan (flour of chickpea) and 10 grams of haldi (turmeric) in dahi (curds). Apply this paste on the face using massaging techniques. Let the paste dry on the face, and then wash it with plain water. This method provides relief within seven days of continuous application.

(vi) A paste of lodhra (Symplocos crataegoides), dhania (coriander) and vach (Acorus calamus) also promises results within seven days. This is one of the best acne treatments.

(vii) Extract the milk of the sharp thorns of the semal tree (cotton tree, Bombax ceiba). Apply this milk on the pimples directly and wash after it is dried off. Continue this process for just three days to get results.

(viii) Take powders of roasted mustard seeds, orange peels and chiraunji (Buchanania latifolia) in equal proportions. Grind them into a very fine constitution. This mixture is applied to the face.

(ix) Make a paste of jayphal (nutmeg) and red chandan (red sandalwood). Apply this on the face to reduce pimples.

(x) Prepare a mixture of neembu (lemon), black kasondi (coffee pods or java beans) and extract of the tulsi (basil) and dry it in the sun. It will become more viscous when it is dried. Apply it on the face in this concentrated form. This is a sure method of reducing pimples. This acne remedy is helpful in acne cure.

(xi) A very simple remedy is to put the roots of the neem (Azadirachtha indica) in water and apply this concoction on the pimples. This method also gives fast relief from pimples.

(xii) Make a paste of masoor dal (red lentils) with milk, camphor and ghee. Apply this mixture on the face. This will not only reduce the pimples, but also take care of the pockmarks that can remain when the pimples are dried off. This is the best acne treatment

(xiii) Make a paste of lemon juice, milk and kalaunji (seeds of fennel flower) in very fine powder form. Apply this paste on the face at night when retiring to bed. In the morning, wash the face with lukewarm water. This method is a quick way to eradicate pimples and can be used if you have to go to a party or a function.

(xiv) Another method that can be employed if you have to socialize is to apply a paste of fine powder of dried orange peel in rose water. This will not only remove the pimples quickly but also improve the texture of the skin.

(xv) Mix a cup of milk with a cup of lemon juice. This mixture requires a time of ageing. Hence prepare it in the early morning and apply it when going to bed at night. Wash the face the next morning and wipe it with a rough towel. Continue this application for a couple of days until you see signs of relief. This acne remedy is helpful in acne cure.

(xvi) Add a spoonful of salt in a bowl of hot water. Apply this with a rough towel on the face as though you are sponging the face. Remember to keep your eyes closed during this application. After each application, wring off the excess water from the towel. This is a mildly painful process as the salt will create a tingling sensation with the open areas of the pimples. However, you will obtain sure results in ten days.

The above techniques can be done at home itself. But if some of these methods do not bring the required results, or if there are unexpected results, then medical attention is required. Unexpected results will mean the problem is not simple acne, but some other more serious underlying problem.

The following herbs are prescribed by Ayurveda for people with problems of acne

Ayurvedic Name of the Herb

Biological Name of the Herb

Common English Name of the Herb

Topical Action

Aloe vera

Aloe vera linn

Aloe vera

Aloe vera takes care of marks left behind by pimples that have dried away. It restores the former sheen of the skin.


Terminalia arjuna


Arjuna has excellent effects on facial skin problems such as acne and freckles.


Amygdalus communis


Badaam , especially its oil, is a good laxative. It also replenishes the skin of lost nutrients.


Citrus bergamia


Bergamot has been used since centuries to cure sores, skin rashes and acne.


Santalum album


Chandana has cooling properties. Its mild fragrance brings freshness to the affected part. It purifies the blood and prevents further outbreaks of acne.


Rosa centifolia


The extract of the rose, known as gulab jal is extensively used in Ayurvedic medicine for cooling the body. It helps in reducing the inflammation of the pimples.


Curcuma longa


Haldi has many known benefits since several millennia. It is very useful for all skin ailments, including psoriasis. But haldi must be avoided by people who have gallstones, jaundice and liver disorders.

Jamun or Jambul

Syzgium cumini

Indian blackberry or Black plum

Jamun has a typical purple acid, which neutralizes the alkaline content of the pus in the pimples.


Cinnamonum camphorum


Kapoor is a cooling agent and provides numbness to the painful areas of pimples.


Symplocos crataegoides

Lodhra reduces side-effects of acne such as skin rashes. It also helps in good movement of bowels.


Carica papaya


Papaya has excellent properties for reducing pimples by direct application on them. Moreover the papain contained in papaya helps in digestion and purifies the blood.


Mentha arvesis


The leaves of pudina have good cooling properties, and are used as anti-inflammatory agent.

Rai or Sarson

Brassica hirta

Mustard (white)

Sarson is a known herbal laxative. It relieves the digestive system and thus helps in acne cure


Citrus aurentium


The peel of the santra fruit contains essential oils that can kill the bacterial cells forming the pus. It has anti-inflammatory properties.


Acorus calamus


The oil of vacha is volatile and so it relieves the pain of pimples. It also has antibacterial properties to prevent further contagion.

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One key thing to remember is not to pop pimples because this will leave scars. You can use lemon juice freshly squeezed on pimples to greatly reduce the swelling and redness. Squeeze the lemon juice out into a cup and use a Q-Tip to apply the lemon juice to the area of the pimple. After 20 minutes wash the pimple and the area around it with warm soapy water. Watermelon juice clears the skin of all its blemishes leaving it fresh and lovely. Tea leaves and lemon juice helps prevent hair fall, Orange juice is great for an instant glow. Thanks.

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