Harmful Effects Of Using Fat Burners

fat burner to lose weightIf you are consuming Protein shakes or Fat burners to reduce weight then it is right time to stop doing so. Taking Fat burners for losing weight can prove dangerous for your health and can have negative effect on your health. Think before you start relying on them to get a figure and curves just like a model.

Reason For Dependence On Fat Burners

Fat burners prove to be the best short cut to lose weight and get a curvaceous body and that is the reason why many youngsters are relying on them to flaunt the chiselled figure.

Today’s youth wants everything to happen at a fast pace and fat burners is the fastest and the easiest way to lose weight. That is why their dependence on protein shakes and various other fat burners is increasing day by day. They do not realise that consumption of fat burners in excess leads to several Eating Disorders which play havoc on their health.

In a survey conducted recently on young generation between the age group of 12-25 years it has been found that in order to look perfect and in shape they use aft burners in excess and which is causing terrible effect on their body.

Reason For Consuming Fat Burners

Ina survey conducted by Social Development Foundation it has been found that the youngsters are influenced by the modern lifestyle and that is the reason why they adopt such unhealthy means to stay fit. Advertisements, ramp models, bollywood personalities, magazines, photographs printed in newspapers are the most influencing factors in their life.

So they want to look like them only at any cost and that is why they join gyms. In the gyms the instructors are not thorough professionals, so they do not guide the youth properly. The gym instructors also resort to the shortcuts to lose weight by asking them to consume protein shakes and fat burners.

The youngsters without realising the negative effects of these fat burners on their body keep on consuming them in excess. They think that since the gym instructor is asking them to drink them, so there cannot be any ill effect on their health. But it is the other way round, these fat burners are harmful for their health.

Critical Impacts Of Fat Burners On Body

It is very important to consume the fat burners and protein shakes as per the instructions mentioned on them. That is the right way to get the best results out of the fat burners, but if you start guzzling them according to your choice then they can have serious effects on your health.

Let Us Check Out the Ill Effects Of Fat Burners And Protein Shakes On Our Body And Health:

The main function of proteins is to work as an adhesive for tissues of the body. If you will consume the proteins without consulting the doctor or following the proper instructions it can have negative effect on your body like instead of losing weight you will gain excess of weight . The whole body will appear just like a balloon filled with air and obesity will start creeping on your body. The body will appear puffy and bloated.

harmful effects of fat burner

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Consumption of protein shakes for a long time has negative effect on the kidneys first. The Kidneys might get damaged and there can be several renal problems and diseases related to the excretory system.

Fat burners have excessive fibre content, which when reaches inside our body starts inflating when consumed with water. This is how the hunger pangs are subsided in our body with the help of these fat burners. The body can bear this phenomenon for few days, but after sometime the signs of fatigue start appearing in the body. The reason being that our body requires all the nutrients in perfect balanced form, just fibres will not fulfil the all the requirements of our body, thus it starts feeling weak and lethargic over the time.

Excess of fat burners in our body can also cause Eating Disorders, psychological problems and tendency to feel insecure all the time, because the body does not get all the nutrients and healthy diet to stay fit.

Consumption of fat burners also leads to blown up body shape, where the whole body appears to be distended. De shaped body causes many psychological problems like the person starts losing self confidence and the feeling of rejection also starts creeping in his mind. This can cause severe effects on the body like depression, restlessness, insomnia or disturbed sleep and many more disorders.

Fat burners or energy drinks are also very bad for health as they are high in glucose content and there are several preservatives and flavours added in them which are also very dangerous for health. Relying on fat burners or energy drinks leads to less consumption of water. We think that all the energy that our body requires is being provided by these fat burners only and there is no need to drink water.

But water is required as an essential nutrient for our body. Energy drinks or fat burners can never replace water. Consuming extra water is helpful in losing extra calories from our body. Thus water in itself acts as an efficient fat burner by burning the extra calories in our body, so why rely on these unnatural fat burners when we already have a natural one.

Few Replacements For Fat Burners

In order to lose weight in a healthy manner ditch the fat burners and protein shakes or energy drinks, just go the natural way. Whenever you feel thirsty drink as much water as you can.

Carry roasted almonds or eat soaked almonds they are also efficient fat burners, which will help you in losing weight along with keeping it fit also. Fat burners or energy drinks have caffeine which helps in killing the appetite. Thus even if the body really needs nutrients caffeine will subside the requirement. So it is better to avoid these fat burners to stay fit and lose weight in a healthy manner and for a long term.

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