Handle High Sex Drive Of Your Partner

Handle High Sex Drive Of Your PartnerIt is often said that marriage is a gamble. Everybody is aware that marriage will bring in a host of responsibilities and anxiety with it. But, still, people prefer to spend their lives happily, in the warmth of a companion, rather than being alone. Hence, since time memorial, the institution of marriage is continuing successfully.

Now, when I say marriage is a gamble or marriage is continuing successfully, I feel that the terms are to be explained in details. Basically, marriage is considered as a gamble because it is union of the hearts of two strangers, be it in cases of love marriage or arranged marriage. In a love marriage, we get to know certain traits, qualities and tastes of the person we finally get committed to. We select and finalize on a person after observing majority of our frequencies matching.

In arranged marriage, this matching in done either by family, friends and relatives or by the person himself or herself. The only difference is that, in this case, love comes after marriage, contrary and just the opposite to love marriage. Hence, when we start living with the person finally, after marrying, we often discover some things that we cannot find compatible to us. These are some of the most trivial issues to start with, but get more and more problematic with time.

Sometimes it makes life so miserable that the person who ha been the apple of eyes once, appears to be a witch or a demon. There are several such problems after marriage. Hence, marriage as an institution is successful every time, as more and more people get married. But, the number of people being happily settled in it is debatable. Why only marriage, such problems can be threat to persons who are in live-in relationships too. A beautiful relationship changes to that of gall and the much known person appears to be stranger.

One such problem is connected to the sex life of the couples. It is called high sex drive or high sexual urge. Initially the term might arouse mixed reactions. Some might think that having high sexual urge is just perfect in the sense that the marriage or the live-in relationship will remain ever new and passionate. While there might be others too, who would put up that such a ‘problem’ is quite unheard of. But, the thing is not as light as we might think, neither will it be a boon to a married life.

It would become more a recurrent sexual harassment to the other partner than enjoyment. The partner who has a higher sex drive will never be satisfied with his or her partner’s conjugal performances. The person at the receiving end, too, will repetitively prove to be failure in providing full satisfaction to the active one. Hence, this might create differences in the marriage and in dire situations, separation, if thing go on without proper management. This situation of high sexual drive is mostly found in men, though women are also not exceptions in this case.

There are certain ways as to redesign your relationship, so that no body can complain while both of you can enjoy every bit of your togetherness.

Feel your partner’s love

Most of the times, an extremely sexually aroused husband or a wife is quite embarrassing and irritating. Sometimes, the person at the other end of the relationship might feel that there is nothing else in the relationship than mere physical attraction. The person might even think that in such a relationship there is no existence of token symbols of love and care like a small hug, a passionate kiss, and only what predominates is sexual encounter.

But, my suggestion will be, it is always very easy to think that you are at the receiving end and brooding over what you have got. Think otherwise and consider that your physical charm still appeals to your partner so much that he or she longs for you in every opportune moment. You might be fortunate than many other couples of your age, who have lost their sexual life to a greater deal. Do not think you are a mere sex satisfying machine. Rather, your better half expresses the ever fresh love for you this way, as it used to be, in the initial days of your staying together. Enjoy this as being a lucky person.

Convey that sex does not mean intercourse only

Since you both are the two important pillars of your relationship, so alike your better half, you too have your own say. Do not be rude in conveying that the ultimate four minutes of sport is not sex only. Choose you body as your means of communication rather than spoken words. Sometimes take the move yourself, before he or she could plunge into action. That will be a great surprise as it is probably something unusual that could be expected from you.

Your partner will be overwhelmed and pleased at you sudden, changing attitude. Indulge in foreplay. Caress your partner and invent innovative ways to arouse the passion in him or her. Before letting your partner commit the final thing, make situations such that he or she reaches the orgasm. You can make that out by the look of your partner’s face, the change of voice and the expressions. This will prove that sex in only not about intercourse, in is an art of loving.

Restrain from intercourse once in a while

It is very important to restrain from intercourse once in a while. Whenever, your partner wants, do not indulge in love making. That way the magic of the action looses. So, if you are a woman, keep yourself mysterious, even years after your staying together and having prior sexual encounters. Tickling your husband by wearing those revealing dresses but never letting him catch hold of you, will drive him crazy and the final sex game you have after this will really be memorable. Similarly, if you are a man, be expressive, but in a dramatic way. Touch your partner in those obvious areas but in such a way that it is just a hint. Flaunt your skimpily clad body during the process, but do not make the ultimate move. You will be surprised at the way your woman falls head over heals to get your attention.

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