Great & Economic Ways To Preserve The Art Work Of Your Kids

Great & Economic Ways To Preserve The Art Work Of Your KidsShe came back from school, grinning side to side, with pride she settled on my lap and showed a piece of paper with four lines drawn in different colors. The lines weren’t straight too, they were just four lines of different size. I saw a ‘star’ on her paper given by the teacher. I folded it neatly, loved her for her great art work and later called the teacher. The teacher said that it was my daughter’s perception of her family.

I was overwhelmed with an unknown feeling, I preserved it the way I should preserve any of my prized possessions. But that was the beginning for my young Picasso, she kept exploring the world of crayons and markers and I had more than 4 paintings as gifts from her everyday. I could not throwaway the master pieces; how could I, they were so adorable and my memories of her childhood.

But as the volume kept increasing, I realized that these master pieces are going to end up in huge uncontrollable pile ups and a time would come when these art pieces would be the home and food for insects and termites. I had to think of ways to preserve the childhood memories of my daughter not for her but for myself. In the twilight of my life, may be I would like to revisit that particular day when she brought that first painting of her life.

Sort And File

Once you have a commendable collection of those master pieces, sit with your kid one Saturday afternoon, when the two of you are free and in one of those good moods. Sort out those that are not nice or as great as the others or are repetitive. Invest in a three ringer binder. Keep those selected, in the plastic pockets there. The older ones may be kept in the front, so that whenever you leaf through her collection you would be able to see the progress in her art work.

Create An Album On Any Of The Software

Be quick to take a snap on your digital camera. Upload it the in the associated software like Kodak gallery, piccassa or Each time she comes up with something that you would like to preserve, take a snap instantly. You could ask your little Piccasso to hold her creation so that she too feels important.

Great & Economic Ways To Preserve The Art Work Of Your Kids

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You should keep your camera handy and the battery charged. You could also use a scanner and upload them on the software mentioned above. Also when the collection is really good in terms of numbers, take a back up in a CD. What better way to preserve the precious moments of her growing up!!!

Improvise And Adorn Your Kids Room Wall

When you have an in house artist why invest in paintings which cost you a bomb; well at least for the kid’s room. The creations can be hung on the wall from ceiling to floor, edge to edge. The wall will not only look trendy but will give immense pleasure to your kid. The vibrant colors, the undefined strokes are nothing less than master pieces, so indulge while being careful about not harming the original wall paper or paint with adhesives. The best part is that you have a new wall paper after every couple of months. If you love magnets, there is always an option to magnetize the wall.

You could proudly display the kids creations while not fretting about causing any kind of damage to the color of the wall. Also, you could archive the pieces of art in a large size archival gallery.These archival gallery could be easily made with the mount board neatly covered with vinyl sheet. The photo pockets can also be created using good quality transparent sheet. This economy archival gallery could hold many pieces or art without much botheration. You could also replace the pictures with new ones.

Turn It Into A Utility Item

Trace your kids art pieces on a plain sheet of cloth and draw the contours and fill in the colors with fabric color.  Make a pillow cover out of it. You can also carefully and aesthetically make a collage out of many of the art pieces on a paper or cloth  and get it framed. These would make priceless master pieces that could make the house, ‘your sweet home’. You could also use a vinyl sheet, available in stationery shops to keep a water proof decorative from your kids art work.

A laminated sketch, watercolor or collage piece could be used as table mat . It could be used when guest come over. Over sized creations can be laminated and used as drawer-liners. A handmade bed cover or a table cloth with designs of your own little one would be a wonderful addition to your trousseau.

Now these are all that you could do with their art work but there are certain wonderful creations in words that are so very dear to you. May be her first poem, or her first thank you card. These are again million dollar treasure pieces which you would not like to part with ever. These pieces can be scanned and stored in a special file.

When you have time you can make an album on the photoeditor or powerpoint; your own online scrapbook. You could also compartmentalize your binder file and create a section for their literary work. It may look like a bit of a pain now but when you are all set to let your fledglings fly, these are the memories that will mean so much to you.

You could also tuck some of your kids creations in unexpected places. Filing these in random places will have great surprise and satisfying value when you suddenly bump upon them while browsing through some important document.

One of the most important things about preserving and archiving creations of any kind is to label them properly. Without a proper label the documentation is incomplete and loses the half the value. So, while your little one is at it, churning out master pieces, you work out some best practices to preserve them.

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