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Jaharamohra pisthti : An Ayurvedic formula usually used in the treatment of heart diseases.

Jala : The element of the water.

Jalakavrana : The fungal infection resulting inulcers on the skin usually refers to Actinomycosis

Jalaodara : An accumulation of fluid in abdominal cavity generally refers to ascites.

Jalashirsha : An accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain commonly known as hydrocephalus.

Jalauka : The leech; usually used in blood letting, one of the panchkarma suggested by sushruta.

Jambu : One of the Ayurvedic drug. It is astringent, diuretic and anti-diabetic.

Jangama dravya : The product of animal origin.

Jangamavisha : The poision of animal origin.

Janghasthi : The tibia bone.

Janoupadhvansa : An epidemic impact.

Janukasthi : The patella bone.

Jarayudosha : Diseases of the placenta.

Jatamansi : One of the herbal plants usually usually used as sedative.

Jatipatri : An Ayurvedic herb that works as stimulant and stomachic.

Jatiphal : An Ayurvedic herb that works as in the treatment of diarrhoea.

Jihava : The tongue.

Jihavakantaka : An inflammation of the tongue usually refers to glossitis.

Jihvastambha : The paralysis of the tongue the glossial palsy.

Jirnajvara : Long lasting fever usually referst to chronic fever.

Jirnabrihadantrashotha : An inflammation of the colon or intestine usually refers to chronic colitis;

Jrambha : The yawing.

Jvara : The fever known as pyrexia.

Jvaraghana : The property of reducing fever - Antipyretic; febrifuge.

Jyotishmati : An Ayurvedic herb that is commonly usually used as nervine tonic.

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