New Born Gift Ideas
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Do you have a friend, co-worker or family member who has recently had a baby? Do you plan on giving them a gift, but aren't sure what to get? If so, then read these suggestions and you should have a better idea of what you can purchase.

First of all, a newborn baby is going to need lots of clothes, so clothing item would make a perfect gift. Some types of baby clothes include onesies, sleepers, blankets, diapers, socks and hats. A baby also needs several health and grooming products, some of those include baby powder, baby wipes, lotion, baby safety pins, wash cloths, baby soaps, diaper bags and a baby thermometer. In addition to clothing and heath related items, babies need lots of feeding products too. Some common feeding items include bottles, bottle holders, bibs, baby formula (if the baby isn't being breast fed), nipples, tipper cup, baby burp towels and feeding spoons.

A baby will also need a few items for their crib or bassinet. A few examples of these items include crib fitted sheets and comforters. A great newborn baby gift would also be something for the new baby's room. Some possible gift items could be stuffed animals, a dresser, pictures for the walls, a changing table, initials of the baby on a kind of ceramic item (i.e.: toy blocks made out to spell his/her initials), a nursery lamp, a picture frame, a boppy and possibly bouncy seats.

Babies love toys, so that would be a great gift to consider. A baby would like a toy for teething, a toy for the bath, various musical toys, a play mat and plush/stuffed animals. However, when purchasing a toy for a baby, make sure it is age appropriate before you consider getting it.

Some other useful baby gift items could be a baby seat for the car, a stroller, a bassinet, a baby swing, a high chair, a sound and/or video monitor, a potty chair, a safety gate, a baby scale and a rocking chair.

Finally, books make good new born gifts. The book could either be one written with tips for the parents or one written to read to the baby, such as a story book. When in doubt about what to give, you could still always consider a gift certificate. Since newborn baby gifts are quite expensive, it's safe to say the parents will appreciate any kind of a gift certificate for a department store or any other store that sells baby related products.

Now, hopefully you have found these ideas to be helpful in making your gift decision for a newborn.