Shady Lawn Trees
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Shady lawn trees are the largest elements in a landscape and can compliment the largest of houses. Not only do they look elegant, they can also reduce your energy bills. How? Well, shade casting trees planted in the south or the west of your house can keep the house 10 degrees cooler.

If gardening is one of your hobbies, then you can certainly take up the adventurous task of planting a shady lawn tree. It will certainly test your planting skills.

Choosing The Right Tree

While selecting a shady tree, you must first evaluate the location and the nature of soil.

  • Choose a pest-resistant variety over a problem plagued one. For instance, River, Monarch and Avalanche birches score over the European White birch because they are disease resistant.
  • Choose younger and smaller trees over larger ones as they are easy to transplant and grow more quickly. You can also choose some slow-growing trees for long and trouble-free lives as they can withstand wind and ice-storms.
  • A trick can be to plant fast-growing trees with slower species to get shade fast. As the slow-growing trees grow to have enough impact on the lawn, you can cut out the weaker fast-growing ones. Thus, you can enjoy best of both the worlds- quick greenery and lasting strength.

Fast-Growing Shady Lawn Trees

  • Sawtooth Oaks offer good fall foliage late in the season.
  • Red Maples are best known for its outstanding fall foliage and are ranked as one of the most prized landscaping specimens.
  • River Birch bears yellow foliage in autumn and has an attractive bark.

Caring For Shady Trees

You must adjust how you water a young tree as it gets established. From the time it is first planted to the following growing season, provide water directly on the planting site. When the tree establishes enough new roots to start growing vigorously, water just the outside perimeter of the tree canopy.

It is important to mulch the tree properly. Mulching helps to eliminate weeds and keeps the planting site moist. It also looks aesthetic and gives the landscape a polished feel.