Perennial Flower Types
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Perennial flowers are flowers that come back year after year. The advantage in planting them is that you never have to replant them again. You should choose the perennial flower types for your garden based on the amount of sun it receives, soil type, and the height and the color of flowers that you want. Plan you garden to have different perennials that bloom at a certain time so you can enjoy a rainbow of flowers.

Here are some popular perennial flower types:

Black-eyed Susans

These are true perennials as they tend to self seed very easily. They thrive best in full sun and bloom from mid-summer to fall. They reach an average height of two feet and become drought resistance once they establish themselves.

Yarrow\ Achillea

They can grown in any soil type but prefer dry soil. They bloom for about three months and reach a height of 1 to 3 feet depending on the species. They grow best in full sun and are low-maintenance perennial flower type. Coronation gold, Gold plate, Atgold and Neugold are some of its popular species.


They are hardy perennials that bloom from late spring to early summer. They produce large eye-catching flowers in different colors and are often used in borders, hedges and flower gardens. Peonies can reach a height of three feet.

Bellflower\ Campanula

They are comparatively more lasting than other perennials and bloom for about two months. They grow better in cool season and shady areas. If they look faded after a bloom, just trim them off and they’ll look fresh again.


They are hardy perennials that grow best in partial to full shade. They require very little ongoing maintenance and known more for their attractive foliage than for their flowers.

Red Valerian\ Centranthus

It grows better in dry undernourished soil and blooms for 3-4 months. Its flowering lasts longer in the winter season. It requires regular trimming for healthy growth.