How To Control Lawn Weeds?
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Lawn weeds are not an uncommon phenomenon. In fact, thousands of weed seeds exist in a square yard of every soil. They just need the right conditions like a little moisture and sunlight to sprout.

Why Do Lawn Weeds Sprout?

Most weed problems are associated with the top soil’s health and the vitality of the turf. Lack of soil nutrients, soil compaction, thick thatch layer, inadequate water, or too much moisture and too much shade for the turf grass to develop are some of the categories into which soil problems fall.

For any weed control program to be successful we must first identify the causes that have led to the abundance of such weeds.

Plan To Control Lawn Weeds

Start the weed control program by planning soil improvements. These include timely and regular fertilization, dethatching, regular aeration, adding top-dressing occasionally and overseeding the lawn at the appropriate time.

There are two basic weed controls one is to take the weeds out by hand or hoe and the other is the application of herbicides.

Herbicides can further be divided into two categories- pre-emergence and post-emergence. Pre-emergence herbicides prevent the weed seeds from germinating and should be applied when the seeds are about to germinate. For instance, i f crabgrass is one of the lawn weeds, then a pre-emergent weed control should be applied in the spring, and the new grass seed should be applied in early fall. This will give the new grass seed plenty of time to develop .

Post-emergence herbicides can handle most of the broadleaf weeds. However, for this treatment to be effective the lawn weeds must be growing actively. Early in the spring, the weeds may look green, but may not have yet begun to actively grow. In the hot summer months, some weeds experience heat or drought stress which pushes them into hibernation and these weed controls will be ineffective then.

While working on the weed control program remember that too much herbicide, even if it is a safe one can cause damage to healthy turf grasses. Therefore, don’t douse the weed with herbicide just a little bit will do the job.