Selecting The Right Lawn Grass
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A crucial starting point for developing a new lawn is choosing the right lawn grass. The right choice will ensure a healthy and beautiful looking turf that is easy to take care of in the years to come.

Factors To Consider

There are certain keys you should keep in mind while choosing a lawn grass. These include:

  1. Maintenance Requirements: Some grasses require more care than others. For instance, Bent grass requires special care like more watering, feeding, frequent mowing, more precaution against disease and occasional thinning.
  2. The variations in grasses are mainly due to the Climatic Conditions. For instance, the cool season grasses grow specifically in autumn, winter or spring seasons while the warm season grasses grow well in areas where summers are hot and winters mild.
  3. Each grass species has different Temperature Tolerance i.e. they perform better or worse depending on the average temperature in the growing season.
  4. Some grass types show better Drought Resistance and recover quickly after going dormant during extended drought conditions.
  5. The Shade Adaptation of grass differs from one species to another. They are classified according to how much or how little sunlight they need to maintain health and vigor.
  6. Wear Resistance is also a key factor. It determines how well a grass type can recover from foot traffic.

List Of Grasses

Here is a list of common lawn grasses according to their specific adaptations.

  1. Bermuda grass, St. Augustine grass and Zoysia grass are warm-season grasses that are less hardy and are usually stiff and wiry.
  2. Kentucky blue grass, Fine-leaf fescue and Perennial rye grass are cool-season grasses.
  3. Tall fescue, Fine-leaf fescue, St. Augustine and Bahia grass are shade tolerant grasses.
  4. Buffalo grass, Seashore Paspalum, Tall fescue, Bahia, Bermuda and Zoysia grass are some drought-resistant varieties of warm season grasses.
  5. Perennial rye grass, Kentucky blue grass (cool season) and Bermuda, Zoysia (warm season) grasses grow well in high traffic areas.
  6. Bahia, Centipede and Buffalo grass are some of the best low maintenance warm season grasses.

You can choose from locally adapted pest resistant varieties, blend of varieties or mixtures of grass types, with the help of a local lawn care professional to have a lawn grass that will work the best for you.